Creating a Historical Masterpiece in Modern Cincinnati

Photography by Wes Battoclette


If a house could be hung on the walls of the most glorified museums in the world, this home located in a suburb of Cincinnati would fit right in with the masterpieces throughout history. Every finite detail is strategically designed to create a beautiful work of art. It is evident from the moment you enter the house the passion and devotion that went into fashioning this breathtaking creation. Upon meeting its designer, you can begin to understand the vibrant enthusiasm and artistic brilliance behind creating this stunning home.

Interior designer, design artist and master builder, Doni Flanigan built his reputation in Los Angeles as one of the most renowned and sought-after designers in the city. After years of traveling back and forth between Cincinnati and LA, he made the decision to bring his vast knowledge and global design experience to Cincinnati. Flanigan specializes in interior and exterior design, space planning and custom furniture design and production. He and his team produce some of the world’s finest interior finishes and stunning window treatments. There is no limit, no box and no confines to stifle their creative process, enabling them to make people’s dream home a reality. 

The home’s exterior was designed with the vision to create a beautiful stone castle complete with limestone in the front, large gorgeous lighting on the outside, a cobblestone driveway and a courtyard entering the garage. Utilizing a retaining wall, Flanigan tripled the size of the backyard, helping to create a picturesque space for parties and entertaining.

The old world elegance emanates from the exterior and flows seamlessly through the entire interior. Flanigan sought to create a European legacy and did so with a palette of soft tones and intricately painted walls that are silky to the touch. The crown moldings are 18th century European patented replicas and one of the most stunning aspects of the design and form the backdrop of the home. Every detail is beautifully handcrafted and hand painted. The doorways are dressed with 9½-inch-wide moldings and the 11-inch-tall baseboards setting the foundation. Incredible rugs, furniture, fabrics and accessories were carefully chosen to complete the magnificent symphony of design.

The kitchen is a chef’s culinary dream. A heavenly color scheme complements amazing dentil moldings and luxurious cabinetry complete with jeweled fixtures that add a touch of glam to the elegant design. The kitchen overlooks an expansive great room with the most incredible soffit ceiling with a flawless 18K white gold finish. 

Descending from the great room to the lower level, one finds the most incredible home theater a family could want. Complete with state-of-the-art equipment and lighting, the design creates an atmosphere reflecting a time in history when families came together to enjoy the era’s most memorable films. 

The entire home is a flawless gem designed from love with absolute attention to every detail. Flanigan truly brings something to Cincinnati that has never been seen before. This home is a testament to how a house can become a masterful piece of artwork. His goal was to take a modern day home renovation and duplicate history. 

“You can take this French masterpiece and put it in Cincinnati and people will say, ‘Wow, what castle did you take this from?”Flanigan says. 

Cincinnati is a city rich in culture and history and is embracing a visionary that will help bring that beauty into people’s everyday lives.

Doni Flanigan can be reached by phone at 513.207.6571 or by email at