Carefully Crafted World-Class Spirits

MGP’s world-class spirits are carefully crafted through a combination of art and science, and backed by more than 170 years of experience. That’s a key component of the company’s success as one of America’s top multi-line producers in the industry. 

Demand for bourbons and whiskeys, as well as vodka and gins, produced at MGP’s historic Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery continues to gain momentum, further solidifying the company’s leadership position. This heightened demand is reflective of a major trend in the marketplace, which benefits from MGP’s ability to tailor its high quality product offerings in line with consumer-driven preferences.   

 “MGP supplies premium distilled spirits to customers ranging in size from leading national and international brands to craft and small-batch distillers and producers,” says Mike Templin, plant manager at the Lawrenceburg distillery. 

The Lawrenceburg distillery has been making some of the world’s finest whiskeys since the mid-19th century. It was founded as Rossville Distillery in 1847, and owned and operated by Joseph E. Seagram and Sons for several years beginning in 1933. MGP, the Atchison, Kansas-based company that is also the leading U.S. producer of specialty wheat proteins and starches, purchased the distillery in 2011. The acquisition expanded its vodka and gin production capacities while diversifying its spirits lines with the addition of bourbons and whiskeys produced and aged at the Lawrenceburg site. 

Almost three years after the purchase, accomplished beverage alcohol industry executive Gus Griffin was named president and CEO. 

“I am excited to help shape the next stage of MGP’s proud history,” Griffin says. “The company has a rich heritage, a strong reputation for quality and innovation, and all areas of the business have significant growth potential.”

Building on the company’s strong history, MGP recently announced the introduction of Metze’s Select, a limited edition Indiana straight bourbon whiskey. MGP’s master distiller Greg Metze has crafted just 6,000 hand-numbered bottles of this unique expression, which is the result of marrying three distinct straight bourbon whiskeys, all made in Lawrenceburg. This 93 proof whiskey is expected to be available at retail beginning this September.

 “MGP has a proud legacy of making world-class whiskeys,” Griffin says. “Metze’s Select celebrates that heritage and showcases our distillation, maturation and formulation expertise.”

The Metze’s Select brand follows the 2014 release of Metze’s Medley Indiana straight bourbon whiskey, a very limited release that was introduced in conjunction with Lawrenceburg’s inaugural Whiskey City Festival. It was not made available for retail sale, but instead offered a unique way to provide community support through donations to United Way of Greater Cincinnati, which serves Lawrenceburg.

“Our customers understand that we are committed to supporting all aspects of the whiskey category specifically, and the spirits category in general,” Griffin says. “MGP is very proud to be part of this industry and our role in making a wide range of products that our customers turn into proprietary brands. We believe that we can also be a positive contributor to the industry by introducing brands such as Metze’s Select that further demonstrate our expertise, long history and unique capabilities for making all of our premium distilled spirits a world-class pour.”

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