Why I Love My Wife

Lindsey & Ben Beshear

Kortnee Kate Photography


I have been writing financial planning articles in Lead and Venue for the last five years. Over 30 articles later, I wanted to take a brief break from financial planning and dedicate my column this month to my wife. She turned 40 in May, and it occurred to me that I would rather write about her than anything financial. After all, any column on money pales in comparison to writing about relationships. One of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffet, recently said what matters most “is that the people you care about love you back.” I hope that is the case for me.


As you turn 40, I am reflecting on all the things I love about you.  Here are my top 10 reasons I love you (I could have kept going):

1.  You give a damn and doing what is right is important to you. You often push me to think deeper about an issue or problem to make sure we are doing the right thing.

2.  You laugh at in-appropriate jokes. I love your laugh.

3.  You cry anytime a dog is mistreated in a movie.

4.  You care about our kids so much that you actually lose sleep if even the slightest thing is wrong in their lives.

5.  You go out of your way to be kind to everyone, even when they might not notice, or it doesn’t benefit you. Your kindness is a small way to reflect God’s love to everyone around you.

6. You call me out when you think I can do better or be better. I don’t always handle it well initially, but you are usually right. Any time you have told me I owed someone an apology or a phone call to check in, you have always been spot on.

7.  You are smart, and especially smart when it comes to people. Your guidance on who I should trust and not trust has saved me many times in life and in business.

8.  You are beautiful, and you brighten a room when you walk in it, not only because of your beauty but by the warmth you bring to any room or occasion.

9. You are a great partner.  I am always amazed when I leave town how much you handle every day. The fact that you have to write me three pages of instructions when you are gone overnight is both a sign of my incompetence and your greatness all at the same time. You make it look easy!!

10. You let me marry you. (It did take me asking three times, but who’s counting). I was in roller blades, short green shorts and a Superman t-shirt when we met in college, and you were classy, smart and out of my league. Getting to be your husband has been the greatest joy of my life. Thanks for being my person.

I love you,