When Personality Prevails

Photography by Wes Battoclette

Nothing dictates the look and feel of a home more than the personality of the owners. Their aesthetics, color palettes and taste in furniture all reflect the personality of a homeowner as much as anything can. 

“When we design a home, we have to look at how the family lives, and what rooms are most important to them,” says Ann Hoffman, designer and owner of Hoffman & Albers Interiors. 

When designing for a family of cinephiles, a den or family room with the most comfortable accommodations is probably a high priority. In contrast, a family that spends most of their time outdoors may value a sunroom or patio with a design element that brings the outdoors in during poor weather. For all of these personalities and preferences, the interior designers at Hoffman & Albers work to accommodate every need and idea. 

“We gather information about the families we work with,” says Hoffman, “to get to know them and understand what we need to consider when we design their home. Do they have children? Pets? What are their entertaining needs – do they frequently entertain? This all plays a part in how each room is designed.” 

It’s also because of this need to accommodate all walks of life and style preferences that the design shop carries a wide variety of brands and price points. The company isn’t tied to one specific brand for furniture or fabric, which allows a much larger and more diverse selection for families. “I, personally, have a great enjoyment for so many different styles,” says Hoffman. “I try to project that enjoyment into my clients’ homes and do something that will delight them. As designers, we try not to embody a signature look, because everything we do is customized for the client.” 

Hoffman & Albers Interiors is located at 9405 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. You can reach them at 513.793.9100, email them at info@HoffmanandAlbersInteriors.com, or visit their website at www.hoffmanandalbersinteriors.com.