When Everything is Illuminated

Photography provided by Goodwin Lighting Services


What image comes to mind when you think of the Cincinnati Club? Stately columns and baroque paneling and vast hallways of smooth marble? It’s a building from a different time period; left untouched by modern flourishes it recalls the elegance and beauty of the era when it was constructed. 

But there’s another Cincinnati Club, a playful, lively, modern version that comes to life when illuminated. The effect of these wonderfully florid colors splayed on a backdrop as classically grand as the Cincinnati Club is always mesmerizing.

Each of the four Cincinnati Club rooms has a different feel when bathed in the lights, just as the rooms have distinct uses when unadorned. Lit up, they are like visions from a dream, littered with curious shapes projected in bright hues. To dine in one of these splendid dreamscapes, to dance in one, or even merely to stand in one, is to be immersed in the fantastical.


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