West Chester Hospital's New Maternity Unit

Photography provided by West Chester Hospital

West Chester Hospital is bringing something new into the world, and it's helping new mothers and fathers throughout Greater Cincinnati do the same.

In April, the UC Health-affiliated hospital unveils its long-awaited maternity unit, featuring a state-of-the-art birthing center with spacious delivery suites, Cesarean-section operating rooms and a level IIB special care unit to accommodate premature and high-risk infants.

When West Chester Hospital opened six years ago, a maternity services unit was not immediately included in the plans. However, in recent years, steady feedback from people in the community prompted the hospital to hasten the creation of a new maternity unit which is scheduled to open this spring.

“Many people in the community voiced their desire to have access to quality maternity services closer to home,” says Dr. Dana Lovell, MD, maternity services medical director at West Chester Hospital. “We value the input and support of our community, and as a result, the hospital responded to meet this need.”

Moms- and dads-to-be and their babies will benefit from West Chester Hospital’s unique blend of academic and community medicine. The hospital has the support of University of Cincinnati physician specialists and sub-specialists as well as the knowledge and expertise provided by a full array of community-based physicians.

The unit will feature dedicated obstetricians and anesthesiologists who will be available on site every hour of every day. Other hospitals have doctors who are “on call” but not actually on site. “Having these specialists within the unit 24/7 helps decrease the risks for pregnant women and their babies while also enhancing service in terms of labor management, the delivery process and pain services like anesthesia,” says Lovell. Mothers who require a Cesarean-section delivery will be offered a gentler, more natural birthing experience as well, within specially equipped rooms on the unit.

Further, all newborns – whether they enter the world routinely, prematurely or with special needs – will have direct access, if needed, to expert medical care from the region’s leading perinatologists and neonatologists.

West Chester Hospital also will take advantage of its expertise in diabetes management and women’s health services and will provide education for those diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Nationally known for providing outstanding patient experiences (a Healthgrades® Outstanding Patient Experience Award WinnerTM 2012 – 2015), West Chester Hospital will offer the same exceptional hospital experiences to families receiving care within the maternity unit.

“A great deal of thought and care has been placed on creating a safe, secure and comfortable environment,” adds Lovell. “All accommodations are spacious, calming and close to home, allowing families to easily and conveniently come together to welcome their new little ones into the world.”

For more information, go to UCHealth.com/WestChesterHospital and choose “Maternity Services” under the “Services” tab.