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Eloquently Delicious

Patricia, from Patricia’s Wedding & Custom Cakes, says it’s important for a wedding cake to be delicious and visually appealing.

Where "East Meets West"

For a salon and spa experience like you would find in New York City or Los Angeles, you don’t have to schedule a special trip. SOTO, Salon On The Ohio, captures the essence of a big-city salon and spa without the big-city price.

Your Wedding Through The Eyes of True Artists

True Artists Studio is a film company specializing in crafting beautiful wedding films that bring personalized storytelling to each video. Look no further when searching for a way to memorialize your wedding!

A Hole-in-One Engagement

"Kurt will never know exactly how special he made me feel in that moment," says Jessica Shockley of her engagement, "but I can guarantee it is a day that I will replay over and over again in my head because words just do not do it justice!"

The Great Pumpkin Proposal

Rebecca Richmond loves Halloween. She loves the costumes, the festivities and, of course, the pumpkin! Well, after this year, she has reason to love it even more.

Finding a Ring She'll Love

With so many choices, buying an engagement ring or wedding band can seem challenging. But Eddie Lane has a simple secret to help you in your search.

Centre Park: Everything You'll Need for Your Dream Wedding

From its outdoor gardens to its banquet and event center to its fabulous steakhouse, Centre Park at West Chester, Middletown Hotel Management’s incredible new hotel, is being built with every detail of your dream wedding in mind.

Timing Your Wedding Treatments Right

Planning salon treatments to both pamper and prepare a wedding party is a delicate thing – schedule too early and a manicure could be ruined, but visit too late and an eyebrow wax could cause puffy skin for wedding photos.

The Quest for the Perfect Dress

Shopping for the perfect dress can be as exhausting and time-consuming as it is fun. For women who have never shipped for a dress, it's best to go to a place that has years of experience, like European Bridal.

Intentionally Local, Serious Style

Folchi's is a Cincinnati institution with three locations, each overseen by a member of the Folchi family and all known for their dedication to exceptional quality.

Picking the Right Dinnerware

One of the first things engaged couples select for their wedding registry is dinnerware. Whether they choose something formal or casual, there are a number of decisions to make, and Goldsmith Cardel has you covered.

Photography That's Perfect

According to Ron Shuller, the wedding photography industry is constantly changing. There are always new trends. Hire a professional like him and you'll guarantee that your wedding photos are done by an expert.

Finding Her Perfect Soldier

Chelsey Pater had always dreamt of marrying a military man. She got her wish. Though her husband is now deployed, Chelsey knows they're never truly apart.

Polished Pearl Aids the Victims of Human Trafficking

Making a purchase at Polished Pearl not only gets you a beautiful accessory, it also helps change the lives of girls – some as young as 10 years old – suffering in squalor and abandonment two continents away.

Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

Check out tips from the experts at Mitchell's Salon to ensure you look your best on the big day!

Jewelry Personalized for a Lifetime

Let's not kid ourselves, fellas. From wedding gifts to wedding bands to the engagement ring itself, jewelry is the most important part of a wedding. So save yourself the worry and head to Paolo.

She's the Most Important Person You'll Hire

Annette Troescher wears many shoes. Wedding planner, friend, therapist, counselor: she's the go-to person for couples from engagement to "I do"