Your Wedding Through The Eyes of True Artists

Shane Pergrem

Photography by Brian Ambs

“The most important thing to realize is that most couples planning a wedding are entering a world they probably know little about,” says Shane Pergrem, producer and owner of True Artists Studio.

This is information that many couples may not consider when they venture into the complicated and stressful world of wedding planning. Finding where to begin and what steps to take first are often the most difficult things to do with any major project, particularly a wedding.

True Artists Studio is a film company specializing in crafting beautiful wedding films that bring personalized storytelling to each video. Pergrem has noticed a growing trend of couples coming to meet his team much earlier in the planning process than ever before.

“Video has truly become as important as photography at weddings now, because videos are so shareable,” says Pergrem.

According to Pergrem, it’s key for couples to understand what they’re looking for in a photographer and videographer when they begin the search for the right artist. “We need to know what they want from the photos or video – is it going to be a dramatic video or casual and candid?” says Pergrem.

He suggests that couples look at vendors and examples of styles to determine what they would prefer for their video. “Both the style and the personality of the photographers and videographers are important here,” says Pergrem. “They need to click with the couple before the big day.”

Pergrem’s studio operates with the artistic mentality of capturing everything from a wedding day “in the moment,” in its most natural state. Capturing natural sound bites from the main wedding party and family members keeps things in the video feeling personalized with an air of excitement. “We don’t plan when we grab the sound bites or when we get those private messages for the couple,” says Pergrem. “This is because we want to make sure everything is as natural as possible.”

He adds that wedding party members and couples should focus on keeping their reaction to a videographer natural, which keeps the video feeling comfortable and easy. Surprises are always great for keeping a video in the moment. “Weddings are perfect for creating a film that not only tells a story but evokes emotion,” says Pergrem.

Once the married couple has come out the other side of the planning process with smiles intact, True Artists Studio continues to provide ways to engage with their video by showing it at The Cincinnati Wedding Film Festival. The first and only film festival focused entirely on weddings, the event gives brides the ability to see their big day on the big screen. To provide some excitement to those who are entering this unfamiliar world, brides-to-be can attend to gain information, insight and inspiration for their own wedding. 



True Artists Studio is located at 3047 Madison Road, Suite 206B, Cincinnati, OH 45209. You can reach them at 859.305.1547 or visit their website at