Timing Your Wedding Treatments Right

Photography by Daniel Smyth

When the wedding planning calms down and the countdown to the big day can be measured in weeks rather than months, it’s time to relax and schedule some personal time.

Planning salon treatments to both pamper and prepare a wedding party is a delicate thing – schedule too early and a manicure could be ruined, but visit too late and an eyebrow wax could cause puffy skin for wedding photos. For each treatment, brides should follow a time- line to avoid mishaps and make the most of their experience in the spa.

Tanya Tieman, an award-winning stylist and owner of Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon, says there are alternative options for facials and hair removal that wedding parties should consider. “We offer a radiance facial that’s different from a normal facial,” she says. “It’s great for everyone in the wedding party; it adds vitamins back into the skin and leaves it looking dewy and fresh.”

The facial helps with fine lines, and helps makeup sit better on the skin. The salon’s esthetician, Pat Nixon, recommends that anyone in the wedding party looking to have a facial should do so the week of the wedding to maximize on the results.

The all-important manicures and pedicures should be done as near to the wedding as possible. “Mani/pedis should be done, preferably, the day before the wedding,” says Tieman.

She also strongly suggests grooms consider coming in for a manicure alongside the bride. “Men are usually much rougher on their hands,” she says. “If couples want to have close-up photos of the rings on their hands, it always looks nicer if the groom’s hands look clean and manicured next to the bride’s.”

Perhaps the most crucial things to have in order before a wedding day, however, is having everything surrounding a bride’s hair in order. For hairstyling, practice runs with a salon are key. “As stylists we always want a practice session to style the bride’s hair,” says Tieman. “Many brides to have their practice hairdos months and months ahead of time, and we do not recommend that approach. We recommend you come in about two weeks before the wedding so that it’s fresh in your mind and you feel confident with the hairstyle.”

Tieman’s stylists urge that a great hairstyle should match your dress, accessories and theme – don’t pair an extravagant dress with an everyday hairstyle. Make sure the look is complete, or it may look unfinished. Finally, brides should also have a plan for the hairstyles of the entire wedding party so that each hairdresser will be able to make every party member’s hair consistent with the theme for the entire group. 



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