The Great Pumpkin Proposal

Rebecca Richmond shared with us the story of her fiancé's October proposal. "Each I read it," she says, "I'm brought back to the sheer shock and utter surprise, and I can't help but to smile!"

Rebecca and her fiancé, Bobby, will be wed November 2016 at the Contemporary Arts Center. 

Those who know Bobby and I very well know that we both love Halloween and pretty much all Halloween-related activities and festivities… (Well, one of us probably a bit more than the other) But it’s always been something that we could come together on, so perhaps this story won’t come as a surprise! 

It was Friday, October 24th, and we still hadn't carved any pumpkins for the year! Bobby told me that we were going to have to get up early the next day to carve a few for him to drop off at his work for an event they were having. Although this might seem unusual to some people, it didn't really shock me, seeing as 1) sometimes Bobby fails to fill me in on plans until the last minute (or as he says: “you forgot”… which is honestly usually the case), 2) this seems like a totally normal thing to bring to a fall festival to decorate a table/booth, and 3) why not?! It was about time we get our ‘carve’ on! Of course, the one thing that got to me was the phrase “get up early”… and for those of you who know me, those words are not a part of my everyday vocabulary. Bobby worked late that night, and by the time he came home, I was already in bed. Little did I know that he and Barley, our dog, were up to something downstairs…

The next morning, my alarm went off, and I mustered the strength to get out of bed, put on some coffee, and get dressed. Yes – in that order… a girl has to get her caffeine fix! Around this time, Bobby “reminded” me that his brother Nick was coming over to pick up some beer and to try out his new camera. Again – “how odd!” you think… but not really. So here’s the deal: we may or may not bribe Nick with beer on occasion in return for watching Barley, and over the past week or so prior to this day, Bobby told me that Nick had gotten a new camera for school and wanted to come over and ‘test it out’ with Barley. How cute. Again, it seemed totally normal. So I slam a cup of joe (or 2) and manage to smear on some make-up so as not to scare the poor boy!

Nick comes in and we said our hellos… and it’s time to carve! Two Great Pumpkins sit before us on the dining room table… I started in on mine and Bobby on his. Now, I would consider myself to be what we refer to as an ‘expert carver’ – at least in the oh-so important beginning stage of carving the top off in a perfectly placed and positioned “mini pumpkin shape” so as to always know where to re-position the top, and the clean-out... don’t get me started. It’s normal to spend 30 minutes scraping it out, right? A clean pumpkin is a GREAT PUMPKIN! So there I am, going to town on mine, and I looked over to Bobby as he seemed to be struggling. Clearly, he knew that he was in the midst of greatness, so he asked for my help. I gladly obliged. 

Well, his knife just seemed too small for this mighty beast of a pumpkin sitting before me, so I ventured to the kitchen for a larger model… returning to Bobby and Nick’s now seemingly much wider eyes staring in awe. I started to dig in. No… now it was too large of a knife to execute the precision cuts that we had all grown so accustomed to, so I switched back to the smaller size. I finally completed the pumpkin-shaped cut and pulled with great force to pull the top off… only realizing that such great force wasn't necessary at all- for this pumpkin was without seeds!… without pulp!…and… “What is that in the bottom of this pumpkin”?  I reached in, pulled out a black box, A RING BOX! I opened it, and saw the most beautiful, sparkling ring I’d ever seen… and Bobby down on one knee! This was it! He asked me to spend the rest of his life with me, and I SAID YES!!

By this time, of course, I realized that 1) Nick wasn't really there to collect his payment OR test his camera out on Barley, and 2) I hoped that we really didn't have to finish carving the pumpkins to take them to his work… as I was beside myself with joy (and I couldn't stop crying or staring at the ring!) I asked if he had asked my Dad, and if my sister knew, and of course, he said "yes." Turns out everyone was in on it but me: like I said earlier… always the last to know! I’ll let it slide this time, I suppose!