Taking Creative Cocktails to Another Level

Steve Swartz

Photography by Wes Battoclette

Driven by a desire to bring the “wow” factor to all events large and small through their unique and custom bartending service, Andrew Rettig, Jon Weiner and Steve Swartz created Imbibe Cincinnati.

“We set out to be the first in the city to do private events specializing in drinks and be the most creative private event bartenders in the city,” Weiner says.

“We sit down with you beforehand and put together a proprietary cocktail list specific to your event,” Rettig says.

Swartz adds, “All of the drinks are custom and can be made to match the event. We can match décor, color schemes, the venue and more.”

Imbibe Cincinnati’s extensive experience and knowledge isn’t limited to their craft cocktails. “We have a certified cicerone (beer sommelier for craft beer) and sommelier on our team,” Rettig says.

With more than 30 years of combined experience and spirit knowledge, Imbibe Cincinnati brings a complete cocktail experience to an event from the setup, glassware and knowledge. If you are looking to create an in-home bar, they will help select everything you need and help teach you tricks of the trade to impress your guests.

Whether a large wedding or intimate dinner party, the gentlemen of Imbibe Cincinnati strive to add entertainment to the event. “Our service is a part of the entertainment of the evening,” Swartz says.

“We can give demonstrations and teach guests how to make the drinks themselves. We want the guests to have fun and enjoy what we have to offer.” 

So while you shouldn't feel like a philistine for ordering a Miller Lite, if you're going to, or hosting, a high-class event, these are the guys you're looking for. 


For more information about Imbibe Cincinnati visit their website at imbibecincinnati.com. ‚Äč

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