Q&A with Daniel Michael 

Upon meeting Daniel Michael, president of Images by Daniel Michael, his passion for superb wedding photography becomes obvious. An educator at heart, Michael says his objective is to satisfy the interests of the bride. That’s why his preferred approach is educational. He stresses the importance of a photographer’s technique and relatability as the key factors in creating an amazing wedding experience.

LEAD Cincinnati: Why are you in the wedding photography industry?

Daniel Michael: I think I surprise people when I answer this question. I was at a wedding the other day where someone said, “You must really love doing weddings. You’re always happy and energetic and passionate.” It’s actually not that I enjoy weddings, but I enjoy the relationships between the people at the wedding. I enjoy capturing that, so when they look back they can remember those relationships. I enjoy being part of the day, making it more special, handling things so they can relax, so that they can look back on their wedding day and say, “My day was a better day because we hired them.” That’s a pretty good feeling to walk away with.


LC: How do you feel about Pinterest?
DM: Although Pinterest pages have their downside, the advantage is that it provides a blueprint of the bride’s style. My goal is to photograph what her style is. Every wedding has different factors at play, so if, let’s say, the bride likes a silhouette photo she saw on Pinterest, I can take that silhouette and make it happen somewhere else. The factors are different, but the style is the same. Pinterest points us in a direction and gives us ideas we hadn’t thought about. Even though Pinterest should not dominate their photos, it is useful for additional inspiration. When we know what those favorites are, it really gives us a lot of direction.

LC: Are you open to using the bride’s ideas or accepting a photo list?

DM: We are always open to working with their ideas, though we will meet with them prior to the wedding to make sure we fully understand their family dynamics and customize their family photo list for them. Our list will always include parents, siblings and their families, grandparents, each wedding party member and these groups collectively. So the need for a list is minimal. Additional suggestions for poses or styles are also welcome.


LC: How do you feel about the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding?

DM: This moment should not be about the photos, but about the enjoyment of the moment. The couple should not feel pressure whether to see or not see each other. At the same time, I will educate them on the experience so they can make a better choice. If you want it to be private and more about seeing each other’s expressions and how she looks in her dress, then meet beforehand. If you want it to be about that grand moment of her entrance, then you do it at the ceremony. Ultimately, it’s not about the photographer’s style, it’s about taking the bride and groom’s style and capturing it.


LC: How do you hope your photography will impact the wedding?

DM: Your wedding day is a day you will tell stories about for the rest of your life. Your photos should incorporate a blend of styles to be impressive artistically, emotional and classic. You will spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor. It’s not just the photos; it’s the experience itself. 


Images by Daniel Michael is located at 10816 Millington Court, Suite 116, Cincinnati, OH 45242. You can reach them at 513.759.6760 or visit their website at www.danielmichael.com