Put Wedding Plans in Motion with Beautiful Stationary

Photography by Daniel Smyth

A common assumption among brides-to-be is that wedding stationery decisions come later in the planning process. Although this is not hard and fast, there are advantages to placing stationery decisions at the beginning of the planning process instead of viewing them as the last action. Once the bride has the big picture in mind, a stationery discussion helps develop the concept.

According to Morgan Busam, owner of M. Hopple & Co., “Wedding invitation decisions help set the tone for the wedding style, colors and overall look.”

Busam has worked with wedding stationery since she was a teenager and believes questions asked at the initial session help determine what is needed for each wedding – an event planning guide of sorts. In her consultancy, she helps customers understand their stationery decisions create a solid theme that carries throughout the planning process as well as the wedding itself. Once this theme is set, decisions about details such as napkins, programs, seating charts, menu signs, place cards, welcome bags and social media table items are more easily made.

Busam shares five important suggestions for a bride to ponder before making a decision about invitations.


1. Establish the look – The save-the-dates and invitations are your chance to make a lasting first impression on your guests. Whether you are throwing a black tie affair or an afternoon beach wedding, it’s important to establish the look of your event from the beginning.

2. List the basics – An invitation should spell out all essential wedding information: who’s getting married, who’s hosting and where, when and what time the ceremony will take place. One piece of information that doesn’t belong anywhere on your suite: where you’re registered. The only acceptable place to list registry information is on your wedding website.

3. Request it right – Weddings at a house of worship are traditionally worded to “request the honour of your presence.” The word “honour” is used to show deference to God when a wedding is held in a house of worship. If the ceremony is held at any location other than a house of worship, “request the pleasure of your company” is used.

4. Count your households – You do not need an invitation for every guest on your wedding list. Couples get one invitation, as do families, with the exception of children over the age of 18.

5. Don’t forget the rest of your suite – Wedding stationery goes far beyond just the invitation. Be sure to discuss programs, seating charts, place cards, menu cards and thank you notes with your invitations. It’s a good way to ensure you have budget for all of your wedding day accessories. 


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