Photography That's Perfect

Photo by Wes Battoclette

The wedding photography industry has been a constantly evolving field with a number of new trends over the years. Adaptation to those changes, in methods and style, has marked both the success and the end of many a wedding photographer.

One studio that has thrived in this environment is Ron Shuller’s Creative Images Photography. “There is constant change in this industry,” says Shuller. “You have to figure out how to stay on top of it and, more than that, how to stay in front of everything. With the rise of digital photography and inexpensive cameras, one doesn’t necessarily need schooling or expensive equipment to simply call themselves a photographer. But the big thing many people miss is that, although they may learn how to operate a camera, they fail to learn the craft of photography.”

Shuller stresses that, with a market flush with amateurs, couples searching for a wedding photographer need to be diligent in making sure they find someone with enough experience whom they can trust. “This is the most important day of your life. You don’t want to risk using a relative or a part-timer,” says Shuller.

Throughout the 41 years Creative Images has been in business, Shuller has seen a huge shift in style. Gone are the days of formal portraits. Now, it’s all about informal, photo-journalistic candids. “ Today, it’s about story-telling and recording moments, not just posing groups of people. And, some of the best shots are when we create an environment where the bride and groom forget about the photographer and can just be into each other.”

Shuller says that “It’s also all about the fun! So you need a photographer who can make that fun happen.”

Reputation is everything, and with four decades as an industry leader, Shuller has continued to build his company’s reputation through stellar photography, superb service, and year after year being able to remain a trend-setter.

Says Shuller, “Every year I look forward to adding a new idea to the mix. This year it’s digitally enhanced photographic art. I can’t wait for people to see it.”


Ron Shuller’s Creative Images Photography is located at 8423 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215. You can reach them at 513.948.1717, by email at, or visit their website at