Jewelry Personalized for a Lifetime

Photoraphy by Daniel Smyth

From the proposal to the walk down the aisle, rings and other accessories play a large part in the symbolism and ceremony of a wedding. With wedding party gifts, gifts to close family, an engagement ring and two wedding bands, jewelry is an integral part of any wedding.

Paolo Salamone, owner and lead designer of Paolo A Modern Jeweler, says customization is key for something as personal as wedding bands. “When searching for any wedding jewelry, including wedding bands and wedding gifts, it’s always best to seek out local and independent jewelers,” says Salamone.

Pieces that can be found in high-end local stores are always more unique and customizable than the pieces in larger establishments where a customer feels like a number. “We design and create all our own jewelry,” says Salamone. This allows couples to design their bands with the shop’s design team, providing an opportunity to add sentimental value to the most important piece of jewelry they will ever wear.

Many of the ready to wear pieces of jewelry at the studio are unique. There’s a clear and interesting perspective that comes with each piece. Classic yellow gold, white/rose/green gold, silver and platinum jewelry make great gifts for mothers and mothers-in-law, while fun and modern pieces with colored gemstones would suit a wedding party well.

“We have a very large selection of modern and classic designs available,” says Salamone. “Some clients sit down and design along with our design team, and some prefer to select ready-to-wear pieces from our studio all the while enjoying the Paolo experience.”


Paolo A Modern Jeweler is located at 278 Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220. You can reach them at 513.751.2171 or visit their website at