Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

Makeup: Danielle Holden and Carrie Robinson; Hair: Nicholena Thompson and Bailey Elliott

Photography by Wes Battoclette

The morning of a wedding is a very exciting time. Once a bride and her party have finished their hair and makeup, everything feels like it has come together. There is nothing more exciting than seeing everyone involved in the wedding party polished from head to toe. But before this can happen, brides must decide how their styling will look before the day to don her gown arrives.

“We always recommend a trial run for brides, for both hair and makeup,” says Danielle Holden, makeup artist at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. “It gives time to play with different looks, and even if a bride wants to switch things up, we’ll know where her head is at.”

Trial runs allow brides to try out different hair and makeup styles to find exactly the one they want. Experts at Mitchell’s suggest having the trial run the day of an event such as a bridal shower or bachelorette party, so the bride will be able to make the most of getting dolled up.

When it comes to selecting a hairstyle, brides should take into consideration all wardrobe and accessory items. “Stick with where you’re most comfortable,” says Nicholena Thompson, a hairstylist at Mitchell’s. “Match your hair to the dress and jewelry. You can still put spins on things and style it any way, but definitely make sure you’ll be comfortable all day.”

This applies to weather, temperature and venue. A bride getting married in July at an outdoor venue perhaps wouldn’t feel comfortable with her hair down on her neck. “Definitely start with matching the dress, and then consider your theme, location and hair texture,” says Bailey Elliott, a hairstylist at Mitchell’s.

When the day of the wedding arrives, there’s also a lot that a bride can do to help her time at the salon run more smoothly. If the bride had a trial run, stylists will know how long she will need to sit in the chair, so she can plan the rest of the day appropriately. “Leading up to the wedding, take extra good care of your skin,” says Holden. “Drink plenty of water.”

Carrie Robinson, a makeup artist at Mitchell’s, suggests brides leave their eyebrows to the professionals as well, to avoid any unfortunate slip-ups or mistakes. “Let the professionals do your brows – that way you won’t end up plucking them too thin or shaping them poorly,” she says. “And if you’re getting makeup done the day of your wedding, make sure you come in with a clean and moisturized face.”

Holden agrees, adding that when brides come in with last night’s mascara and makeup on, it adds extra time and effort on the artist’s part, and can bring about unexpected delays.

One detail that both makeup artists and hairstylists can agree on is that bringing in images from Pinterest or other sources online can help determine the bride’s style and preferences. Showing these ideas to a stylist before trial runs can help narrow down options, ensuring everything will be exactly as the bride wants. 


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