Bulldogs and Bombers Forever

Megan Jones and her Fiance Sam

Just your "stereotypical" Cincinnati relationship. But really, is it that common?

St. Xavier and St. Ursula to Miami University and University of Cincinnati... but always soulmates, and now we're ready to say "Yes!" on June 13, 2015!

I met my fiance Sam over six years ago - he was on the St. Xavier soccer team, and I attended the majority of the soccer games in 2008 with my fellow Saint Ursula Academy Bulldogs, who had boyfriend Bombers on the team. Part of the soccer tradition was to collect the boy's uniform jerseys that they weren't wearing for the game, put them on and cheer away!

I was late to the game on account of having to fill out applications for college and by the time I got there one of my fellow bulldogs was already wearing my good friend's jersey (this is a boy whom I had taken to prom, and who, believe it or not, is one of Sam's groomsmen and close friends). So I was given a jersey for a boy named "Sam Schulte". As I watched him out there on the field my interest peaked and I really wanted to know more about him!

I gave his jersey back at the end of the game and hoped for the best. In my mind I thought maybe he'd ask one of my friends about me or do something like that. However, I guess he was a normal 18 year old boy and wasn't that interested, or maybe fate stepped in and said "now isn't the time".

Fast forward to June 2009 and my friend asked me if I was interested in going to Sam Schulte's graduation party. I barely knew him other than wearing his jersey to the St. X soccer game and seeing him randomly at a few parties with our group of friends. For some reason I thought that was reason enough and ended up attending the graduation party, got the opportunity to chat with him, met his family (he's one of 10 children!!) and became extremely interested in Sam Schulte from Okeana Ohio!

The summer was a whirlwind of a romance - we quickly fell in love and enjoyed spending all of our time together. We were both excited for the fall, the anticipation of college, but were both sad to see the summer end... I was off to Oxford, Ohio to attend Miami University, and Sam was accepted to the ACCEND Engineering Program at University of Cincinnati.

However, when the end of the summer drew to a close, we decided we didn't want "break up" so we decided to continue our relationship even though we'd be going to school and living over an hour from each other (ironically enough, Miami is close to Okeana Ohio, where Sam grew up, and University of Cincinnati is close to Anderson Township where I grew up, so we flip-flopped places). 

Throughout college we struggled to grow up together, keep good grades, give each other room to grow, and learned all about what it means to be an adult. Neither one of us were perfect to any degree, but what is so important is that we became the best of friends, confiding in one another even when we knew that may not have been the correct way to handle a situation. We both made mistakes, but we never wanted to give up on the love that we shared, so we didn't!

Through the process of growing up we had wonderful experiences, got to know each other better, and cemented our feelings for one another.

I graduated in 2013 from Miami University with a major in Management Information Systems from the Farmer School of Business - I got a job with Deloitte, a public accounting firm, as an Advisory Consultant, and Sam finished up his fifth and final year at UC. He graduated in May 2014 with a major in Civil Engineering and also in the process obtained his MBA. He now works with the Motz Group, a synthetic turf company, as a Design-Process Engineer.

On July 19, 2014 (same night as the huge country concert downtown - bad planning on our part!) we were gearing to celebrate our five-year anniversary, so Sam offered to take the lead on setting up dinner reservations. I happily allowed him to since I am such an A-type planner and was grateful to have a break. 

Sam made reservations at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse downtown Cincinnati and picked me up from my apartment. I could tell he was nervous since he was a little snippy with me, but I didn't know if it was work related so I dropped it and hoped we'd have a great night.

When we arrived at Ruth's Chris they had a special table reserved for us, covered with rose petals and my favorite bottle of wine (a Malbec). Sam even ordered the seafood platter for an appetizer. It was perfect (obviously, if you can't tell I'm obsessed with good food). 

When we finished up our steak, Sam asked if I had room for dessert. Obviously I did, because I always have room for dessert. He smiled at me and told me he had something special picked out, so he told them to bring out the chocolate cake! The waiter returned with a chocolate cake and two glasses of champagne. I was so excited!! I still didn't have a clue (call me dumb, but Sam had told me many times earlier that year that he wouldn't be proposing until 2015 at least, once he was settled in his new job).

The waiter then asked if he could take a picture for us, so I gave him my camera (I was obviously elated at the idea... perfect opportunity for an Insta or FB pic). What I didn't know is that he was videoing the toast Sam then followed up with. I was super embarrassed because I hate public displays of affection, but Sam started into this (what I thought at the time) was a cheesy toast to embarass me, but he got very serious very fast, and then next thing I know he was asking me to marry him!

I freaked out (as much as I could with people watching me, again, I'm really awful with PDA) and said "Yes!" He wasn't on his knee and he didn't have a ring but I didn't care because I was so happy! We cheers'd our drinks, and I started drinking when Sam told me to be careful. When I looked in the bottom of the glass my engagement ring was sparkling. I didn't notice it because it was covered with bubbles, and I wasn't looking closely enough.

I fished out the ring and gave it to Sam to put on my finger. He had bought it with the band to match my right hand (I'm left handed) so it wouldn't go on. I probably should have known that forcing the ring on would cause it to get stuck (which it did). My ring finger swelled up like a balloon, but I didn't care. I was on cloud 9.

Funny side story: the ring ended up getting stuck on my finger. We did EVERYTHING we could to get it off (ice, petroleum jelly, windex, floss (to jiggle it off)... nothing. My knuckle kept swelling up larger and larger until it got so painful we had to go to the Fire Department. They tried to pull it off, and it hurt so much I felt light headed and got sick to my stomach. They ended up having to take me inside with a cold compress on my neck, and cut it off with their ring cutter. OUCH DID THAT HURT!! However, they did an amazing job and now the ring looks good as new. 

A few months later my dad sent me a picture of the headstone they picked out for my grandfather who passed away in May 2014. He and my grandma were married for 67 years, and were soulmates. When I looked at their marriage date I was stunned - July 19, 1947... I hope that my marriage is half as wonderful and full of life as theirs!!