A Wedding Gift That Guarantees a Smile

Photography by Daniel Smyth

Although attending a wedding doesn’t come with the same level of stress as planning one, it can have its own speed bumps. There’s the socially embedded expectation that each guest will provide a gift that, whether on or off the registry, doesn’t duplicate those from others; no one wants to receive three coffee pots or six sugar bowls. Then there’s finding the ideal gift – something the bride and groom won’t just return or sell in a garage sale later.

For those who feel brave enough to shop off the typical bridal registry full of cutlery and housewares, one gift most couples won’t mind receiving duplicates of is a good bottle of wine. David Pustinger, owner of A Bottle or Two, says some of the shop’s most popular wedding gift purchases are anniversary boxes and Wine of the Month Club subscriptions.

“These items are a great gift option to give to couples,” he says.

The anniversary boxes provide different wines to be opened and enjoyed at specific anniversaries throughout the couple’s marriage, while the Wine of the Month Club subscription is both self-explanatory and vastly enjoyable.

The shop also offers the appropriate accoutrements for wine sipping. “We also have crystal wine keys that would make a lovely and unique gift for a couple,” says Pustinger. “Guests can also taste our wines while they browse, and our staff is well-educated and able to answer any questions about our wines, or wine in general.”

For groomsmen gifts, the shop can provide imported cigars that would be perfect for celebrating.

The shop, which feels more like an intimate bookstore than a wine store, is full of interesting and off-the-beaten-path items, such as wine bottle candles and table décor. “We also have cork cages, so the couple can save the corks from their wedding day,” says Pustinger.

From tumblers made from recycled wine glasses to a kit filled with everything you need to enjoy a glass of wine, there are plenty of quirky and unique gift ideas available.

“We carry everything from inexpensive bottles you’d drink casually to vintage wines down in the cellar,” says Pustinger. Because the wine is available to taste as well, the shop has a small space available for bridal showers and get-togethers with friends. It even provides pre-mixed mimosas for sipping the morning of the wedding while getting ready.

“Wine is a great gift to give because the bride and groom will be sure to enjoy it,” says Pustinger. “We also have a small selection of craft beers, and our staff is available to help make suggestions.”

Because, in the end, sipping an anniversary wine together five years after receiving it is much more appealing than a stainless steel toaster. 


A Bottle or Two is located at 11920 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. You can reach them at 513.583.8163 or visit their website at www.abottleortwo.com