A Surprise Serenade

Angelia Gilbert and her fiancé, Brandon.

Photography by Malicote Photography

It was a Friday night and pouring down rain. We didn't feel like going out nor did we feel like cooking anything, so we ended up grabbing Taco Bell. Yes, we’re fancy. While sitting in the drive-thru, Brandon, my fiancé, was telling me about a song he thought I’d like. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. Just as any girl would, I told him I wanted THAT song to be played at our wedding. The song was "Always" by Tony Lucca. Keep this bit of info in mind. 

I had a girls’ trip planned to go to Nashville for the weekend and Brandon was going back to his hometown for his mom's birthday on Friday. He said he wanted to go in town on Thursday night to surprise her and have a longer weekend with his family. It was perfectly fine by me since I had to wake up early, pack and work the next morning then head to Nashville as soon as my shift was over. 

We packed up the car and made our way to Music City. We always stayed with family when we went and that always made the trip more enjoyable since we could rekindle with relatives and have our fun. Every stay, we always make plans to go to our favorite restaurant in town, somewhat of a tradition, if you will. 

When we finally got there, the family told us there weren’t any reservations available so we'd have to go to a different restaurant. They spoke highly of their recommendation and said not to dress too casual but not too dressy and we needed to leave within the next hour. Once we were all in the car they were asking me how things were going with Brandon and how they're excited to hear more about him at dinner. Normally I'm super talkative and full of energy but at this point I was quiet and somewhat down because I was beginning to miss him and knew it’d be a while until we saw each other again. 

We pulled up to a beautiful park and they told us that the restaurant was inside a massive building that resembled the Parthenon. As we all walked up, people were sitting in the grass while others were getting their evening cardio in. As you know, Nashville is FULL of musicians. No matter where you go, you're bound to see someone strumming a tune. So it wasn't out of the ordinary for to me to see a man in a hat with a guitar sitting on the steps of the building we were headed into. 

As we got closer, I'm thinking "Look, another Tim McGraw". Once I get close enough, he said "Angelia, I'm Tony Lucca, and someone said you wanted this song played at your wedding." My eyes popped, and my jaw plummeted to the ground. I turned around only to see everyone recording me. At this point I'm speechless and in absolute awe. I collapsed to the concrete steps and cover my face as I’m in complete disbelief that this is happening. I look up behind me just in time to see my family walking out from behind the palatial columns. To see my 94-year-old grandmother witness such a miraculous moment in my life was truly the icing on the cake. At this point I’m thinking “Alright, where is Brandon?” Then I see a man walking up in a suit looking handsome as ever and headed my way. 

I always thought once this moment came that I’d be a hysterical mess! But the truth is, I was in such shock that my tears wouldn’t fall. As he got closer I wrapped my arms around his neck and just hoped he would squeeze me tighter so I’d know I wasn’t dreaming. When he got on his knee, everything that came out of his mouth was a blur. I only remember his mouth moving, the box opening, and saying "Yes!"  

He said that he started planning the proposal soon after I told him I loved that song. He contacted Tony's manager to work out details. When he left my house that Thursday night he was actually headed to Nashville to get a hotel and start planning how the proposal was going to go. Words will never express how grateful I am for a partner in life such as the one who was created for me. I still have moments when I look down at my hand and I think to myself, “I can’t believe I finally found him”.


Angelia and Brandon will be wed on May 31, 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky.