A Queen Finds Her King in Paris

Soon-to-be wed Virginia Blair her fiancé Justin Bostelman in Paris


Hello! My name is Virginia Blair. 

I am an art dealer and art appraiser for Malton Gallery as well as a Style Blogger. I grew up in the gaslight district of Clifton as well as Wyoming, OH. 

Justin, my fiancé, grew up on a farm in upstate Ohio in a small town called Deshler. Justin and I met in college at Bowling Green State University right before I was heading to Italy for the summer to take Art History classes at SACI in Florence. Ever since then we have been inseparable, even though for a while there was an ocean between us. After we graduated college, we bought a house in downtown Cincinnati and really love our downtown community. 

In May 2014 Justin surprised me by flying me out to Paris to meet him there. I used to live and study in Tours, France, so the ability to return to France with the love of my life was more than I could ask for. When I landed in Paris, Justin had a car service waiting for me. 

Even though I was jet lagged, I was running on pure adrenaline and heavily anticipating seeing Justin. The car service took me right into the fashion district, and as a style blogger and contributor for Lucky Magazine and POPSUGAR, I was in fashion heaven. The car took me to BANKE hotel on Rue La Fayette. When I entered the hotel Justin was standing there. It was breathtakingly moving and even now I get teary eyed just thinking about it. But that was just the beginning of our adventure.

For a week we explored the streets of Paris. Everything was in walking distance, which is why I love Paris so much. We were on a culinary journey, and as foodies we were in sensory overload. Sacre Coeur was just up the hill. The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Museum de Orsay and the Eiffel tower were all a hop and a skip away. The Opera House was at the end our street. 

We were able to practice our French and get lost in a country we both love so much. On the day we went to Montmartre we actually ran into one of my friends who now lives in Paris, and that was just the beginning of coincidences to follow. Fate has a funny way of working. We also found out that one of my best friends since I was about 15 years old was also in Paris. To have friends and a love in the same city at the same time was just astonishing.

Justin and I explored the town more, finding brilliant bistros, book stores and art galleries. All the while music filled our ears and we even participated in song with  musicians while in Montmartre  On our third day, we went to the love lock bridge right behind the Notre Dame. We added our lock to secure our love and threw the key into the Seine below. A proposal was the last thing on my mind as again I was just happy to be there with Justin. It was almost surreal.  

On the very last day we headed to Versailles to visit the chateau and gardens. Justin and I were in our own little world, even while touring the hall of mirrors packed with people, it just seemed like it was just the two of us. I was in amazement with the architecture, art, history and, again, the fact that I was experiencing all of this with him. After we toured the chateau we went into Ladurée to grab macaroons to have a little picnic on the chateau grounds. I was skipping because I was so happy, weaving in and out of the gardens we finally found a spot right on the lake behind the chateau.

Justin and I sat down in the grass in each others' arms and dined on every flavor of macaroon you could think of. As I was getting up, brushing the colorful crumbs off of my skirt, I turned to look at the chateau once more. When I turned around Justin was on his knee. As he was proposing I fell onto his knee. I lost all feeling in my legs and just screamed "YES!"

I will never forget that week. I will never forget how I felt. Most of all, I will never forget how he made me feel like a Queen.

Now I have my King. 

We will be getting married on December 12, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio with the reception in the rotunda at the Union Terminal. 


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