Wealth Management and Asset Protection

Looking Into the Financial Future


The volatility of the financial markets this summer illustrates how the global economy can affect individual investors. It is a good example why it is important for people to have a wealth management expert that they trust.

Financial advisors can counsel clients on the uncertainty coming from China, the status of Greece’s debt load or the major swings on the U.S. stock markets. And with the Federal Reserve Board primed to increase interest rates in the near future, it’s imperative that investors have the information they need to make good choices with their money.

LEAD Magazine sat down with many of the best wealth management firms in Greater Cincinnati to hear what they had to say about how best to look forward and plan for both the best and the worst of economic times.


The stories below provide insight from many of Cincinnati's top wealth management and asset protection experts. Check out what they have to say about the changing economic and financial structure in our country, and how it could affect you.

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