Two New Revolutionary Non-Invasive Treatments to Restore Your Natural Beauty


While Dr. Daniel Kuy’s office offers a wide range of non-invasive treatments, including fillers, Botox and chemical peels, two of the newest and most advanced treatments available are Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment (Frax 1550) and soft tissue correction and enhancement of small-volume aesthetic defects using Renuva, both are very promising new technologies.

Fractional or “pixilated” carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are one of the latest advances in non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Fractional CO2 lasers excel at treating skin wrinkles in the face and on the body, improves textural changes from sun damage, corrects blotchiness, acne scars and surgical or traumatic scars.

It can also be used on the delicate eyelid skin, around the mouth and lips.

Customization is possible with the Frax 1550 fractional CO2 laser. Treatments can penetrate deeper, with more healing that requires one to three days of down time, while shallower treatments require less healing time and have no down time. In general, deeper treatments yield faster results. Some patients choose to have multiple treatments that aren’t as deep so they can avoid any down time.

“What is very exciting about this new treatment is this Frax 1550 CO2 laser treatment that it allows us to repair fine lines, scars, sun damage with so little to minimal discomfort, much improved in comparison to prior generation systems,” says Dr. Kuy.

The fractional CO2 laser fractionates, or pixelates, the beam into thousands of tiny shafts of light. The shafts penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the sun damaged skin and grafting the new skin.

Although you might notice immediate results, patients generally won’t see full results until three to six months post-treatment. There is no open wound or skin breakdown on the surface. After two weeks, a patient’s deep dermal layer of the skin is generally healed. Following this, most patients experience a four-to-six week period during which their skin might be slightly pink. During this period, the skin will feel smoother. As the color returns to normal, patients begin to notice diminished lines, decreased blotchiness and a radiant glow.

Another new and very promising treatment now available is the allograft adipose matrix fat transfer called Renuva. It is a new product designed to be a fast and effective solution to restore natural beauty. A quick 10-minute procedure can fix small aesthetic imperfections. Renuva does not require an anesthesia and can be done outside an operating room. The adipose fat tissue that is injected into the body will merge with your own fat tissue. Renuva is all natural and produced from the highest quality tissue. Renuva gives you the similar effect as fat grafting without the need for liposuction. Your body reacts naturally to Renuva, creating firmer looking skin, fixing defects and improving skin tone and texture.

“The short in-office procedure makes Renuva ideal for a number of small aesthetic imperfections, such as liposuction irregularities, aging hands, small skin defects and scarring or cellulite dimples,” says Dr. Kuy. In the near future, it will probably also be used for larger defects and volume correction in the face, breasts and buttocks.

From a technical standpoint, Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix – tissue donated from one individual to another. In the case of Renuva, the allograft is made from donated human adipose (fat). Advanced processing and testing provide assurance that the patient is receiving healthy, safe tissue. In addition, the donor selection process, designed by medical experts, ensures the highest quality and safety.

The entire procedure is performed in office and involves tiny injections of allograft fat tissue into one or more affected areas. Dr. Kuy may wish to numb the area with a topical or general anesthetic before proceeding. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes. Once Renuva is injected, it will begin going to work. You may experience some discomfort at the treatment areas during and after treatment, but any discomfort you feel will quickly disappear. Since Renuva involves the transferring of allograft fat into the treatment areas, your skin will immediately look fuller and smoother. Your skin’s tone and texture will then continue to improve over the next three weeks. No allergy test is required. You will enjoy firmer, more youthful looking skin and a diminishing of skin defects.

Dr. Kuy specializes in a wide range of facial cosmetic (facelift, blepharoplasty, laser) and body contouring procedures (breast augmentation, tummy-tuck, liposuction). Many of the medical spa treatments Dr. Kuy performs personally to ensure treatment is providing optimal results with minimal complication and also is aligned with Ohio Medical Board guidelines. Dr. Kuy is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Surgery and was named a Top Doctor of plastic surgery in 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Cincinnati Magazine.

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