Trust Your Beauty Team, Look Your Best

Photography provided by Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa

Makeup can be tricky. Between trying to match your skin tone in the best way possible, making sure your eyebrows are perfect and blending everything well, putting on a full face is time-consuming and difficult. Add the chaos that surrounds a wedding, and it’s best to sit back and let the experts take care of things. 

There are many things a bride can do to ensure that her hair and makeup look great from the moment her foot hits the aisle to the end of the reception. The first thing is schedule a consultation with your stylist and esthetician no later than six months out from the wedding. Shannon Wenstrup, events manager at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa says it’s important to begin consulting earlier in the process, for a multitude of reasons. 

“A consultation gives us an idea of the bride’s style, and how she envisions everything flowing for her wedding day,” she says. “But it also builds relationships and rapport with the makeup artist, stylist or esthetician. When we build that relationship with a bride, planning and prepping and making sure we’re ready for her day, we’re all just as excited for her special day as she is. It enhances the overall experience, and it’s far less stressful because everyone already knows and trusts one another.” 

Consultations can also alert a bride to a regimen she may like to follow in order to make the most of her services the day of the wedding. Regular meetings with an esthetician can help ensure the bride’s skin is in perfect condition – something that’s crucial for the best application and maintenance of makeup. 

“Meeting with an esthetician regularly changes the texture of your skin, even if you don’t have blemishes,” says Logan Schmidt, vice president of marketing for Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa. Dermaplane treatments are available, and provide the best palette for airbrush makeup as well. “Dermaplaning removes the dead skin, help reduce scarring and helps with the overall tone of your skin too,” says Schmidt. For the best skin results, a dermaplane treatment alongside a facial on every other visit to the esthetician is ideal. 

Because preparing for a wedding is such a lengthy process, Wenstrup says Mitchell’s is offering new packages and services for the coming season to accommodate the needs of their brides. From sea salt scrubs to replenish skin in the dry winter months, to airbrush makeup options that create a glowing, flawless foundation, brides can get just about any treatment they want to feel beautiful on their big day. As an additional perk, the salon also offers bachelorette spa packages, so the entire wedding party can enjoy pampering time together.  

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