Tim Rettig

President and chief executive officer, Intrust IT


Founded in 1992, Intrust IT provides IT support services to companies, schools and local governments in the Greater Cincinnati area. Intrust acts as an organization’s IT department. “Instead of having a single IT person, Intrust provides a whole team of IT professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience to allow companies to better leverage the best technology available,” says Tim Rettig.

Intrust provides consulting, implementation and managed services to SMBs wrapped around cloud, data backup and recovery, virtualization, network protection and universal communications.

What sets Intrust IT apart is its unique, transparent culture as it relates to customer service. Every time a customer interacts with Intrust, the customer is given the opportunity to rate the interaction and provide feedback. “In any given month more than 60 percent of those interactions are rated, and for more than two years our customer satisfaction rating has exceeded 99 percent. In some months we’ve hit 100 percent,” states Rettig.