Tie the Knot with Tradition and Taste

Photography provided by the BonBonerie

Details matter, especially in the once-in-a-lifetime celebration of marriage. Although love is always a wedding’s best ingredient, the dessert display often takes center stage at the reception. Whether a couple requests a traditional tiered cake, or cupcakes, cookies or pastries, the talented staff at the BonBonerie will design the perfect concoction. 

For 32 years, co-owners Sharon Butler and Mary Pat Pace have made their teapot-adorned bakery and café a premier destination in O’Bryonville. Their legendary creations are made from original and traditional European recipes and baked fresh daily. Amidst the dozens of delicacies on the menu, the BonBonerie also provides attentive wedding services. 

“Our full-time bridal consultant, Carol Lanner, handles tastings, wedding details and ensures couples have a great experience,” says Butler. Consultations are held in a dedicated room where couples are welcome to share their ideas and cake tastings with family and friends. 

Once a plan is in place, it’s up to the wedding cake department to translate the couple’s vision into an exquisite and delicious confection. The BonBonerie makes approximately 500 wedding cakes a year and has faced many challenging designs. 

“People often bring in photos of items like the wedding dress, so we need to match the essence of the dress pattern,” says Allison Rednour, decorator at the BonBonerie. She noted a particularly intricate design that head decorator, Deborah, created. A bride brought in a set of red teacups with a gold filigree pattern and, after a few tries, Deborah matched the design, resulting in a uniquely beautiful cake.    

“We always make sure our products taste great,” says Butler. “Our core philosophy is that the cake needs to be beautiful and incredibly delicious.” 

White Chocolate Romance is one of the most requested wedding cake flavors. Layers are filled with a white chocolate whipped cream called Parisienne Cream and the cake can be adorned with fresh raspberries or preserves. 

The BonBonerie has several alternatives to the traditional layered wedding cake – dessert tables are popular, stocked with individually handcrafted cupcakes, chocolate éclairs, French macarons, hand-dipped petit fours, gourmet brownies or even whoopie pies. Custom-decorated butter cookies make delightful personalized favors, place cards or welcome gifts for out-of-town guests.     

“In 32 years we’ve seen weddings change so much, and yet not,” says Butler. “It’s still the same love, and we have the support for couples to get what they want and be taken care of.” 

The BonBonerie is located at 2030 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.321.3399, by email at bonbonerie.wedding@gmail.com or visit their website at www.bonbonerie.com.