They Create WOW in Every Room

Photography by Catie Viox


It’s a sunny, sultry Tuesday afternoon in Terrace Park.

Julia Wesselkamper, head of Coldwell Banker West Shell’s award-winning The Julia Wesselkamper Group, and three of her Stage It by Julia teammates are hard at work inside a seller’s newly listed home. They lift a heavy sofa here, haul out a hefty recliner and move a rather sizeable square coffee table there. While they hoist and rearrange furniture, they’re also contemplating what needs to be done to rejuvenate an adjoining room. Clearly, staging a home for swift sale at the highest price takes not only a creative eye but a boatload of brawn.

Their goal? To enhance each room’s strengths and minimize weaknesses, creating a more open, more breathable first impression for potential buyers as they step through the front entrance of what could turn out to be their dream home.

“Staging is an organic process in many ways,” says Wesselkamper, a certified Stager. “It’s a marriage of what the property actually is with the vision and execution of the ideal presentation. Staging unlocks a home’s potential by infusing each room with ‘WOW!’ People buy the fantasy of what their new life is going to be like in your home, not your reality or their current reality. It’s our job to help them see their future in the property.”

Half an hour earlier, Wesselkamper and her indefatigable staging gurus – Julie Johnson, Christina Wegford, and Wendy Furbay (teammate Sharon Packer couldn’t be there) – unloaded four SUVs carrying a plethora of pillows, rugs, lamps, vases, table runners and wall art – an impressive inventory of tools with which these women work their magnificence. The homeowners, in preparation for this day, have decluttered and painted.

“It’s important to stimulate the senses, all five of them,” Wesselkamper continues. For Stage It by Julia, enhancing a home’s beauty so buyers are drawn into the environment includes music to create ambiance; light, fresh scents wafting through a home to promote a confidence in cleanliness; and arranging furnishings and appointments in an inviting manner that says to the buyer, “This is your soft place to land.” And they always have treats and beverages available to further promote a welcoming feeling.

“What we’re not doing is decorating,” Wesselkamper emphasizes. “It’s more like we’re editing and packaging a product.” They use the essence of what a homeowner already has and make it look fresh.

“We personally plan, strategize, select the pieces/colors/choices for the staging. We are the ones who comprise the action list of necessary preparations and repairs. The buck starts and stops with us. We believe that this is the very best care of our clients as well as what our brand represents. It’s a commitment to personalized attention and care, white glove service and treatment with proven results.”

A listing’s landscaping and outdoor presentation is also treated to Stage It by Julia’s white glove service, reflecting a seasonal message that starts before a buyer arrives at the appropriately and stylishly decorated front door. “There are always ways to keep the outside fresh and fun, like pumpkins in the fall and the pool open and glistening in the summer!”

Stage It by Julia team members collaborate swiftly, stealthily. It’s as if they are reading each other’s minds while adding their individual staging insights into creating a look, a feel that will make any potential home buyer declare, “Yes! I could live here!”

“It’s rare to find a Realtor who is also a certified Stager,” Wesselkamper points out. “We combine a Realtor’s perspective with a Stager’s vision and combine those two essences to create a more in-depth version of what most call staging. We are with buyers constantly and they are whispering in our ears what is important to them, and we use that in the process of staging our sellers’ homes. We have an extremely unique niche in our industry, one that we have enjoyed for over 30 years.”

Their sales stats prove that Stage It by Julia has mastered their staging approach, Wesselkamper concludes. “We like to call it our ‘secret sauce.’” 


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