There’s No Place Like Home

Photography by Daniel Smyth

When the time comes to consider the best possible care options for an aging family member, determining where they will be happiest is a very important factor. Although a facility’s ability to accommodate every resident’s medical needs may be a given, it takes a much more rigorous look at the inner workings of a senior living home and how the staff interacts with residents to ensure that a loved one will be as happy as possible. 

This is where Mallard Cove excels. In addition to providing excellent facilities and full-scale medical services for every resident, the most important part of the job for every staff member is ensuring that each resident is happy and living a full life. 

“We take the time to take a lengthy personality profile for every resident,” says Shamela Armour, owner’s representative of Mallard Cove Senior Living. “The more we know about each resident, the easier it is for us to better address each resident and personalize the way we care for them.” 

She emphasizes the need to keep residents healthy while maintaining a high level of respect and quality of life for each person. Addressing medical concerns and maintaining the health of residents is important, but without an additional attention to their mental well-being and overall happiness, a facility’s care is incomplete. An aging family member needs a sense of community, a positive atmosphere and opportunities for fun, all of which go hand in hand with quality medical care. 

“As human beings, everyone deserves a certain level of care, dignity and a quality of life,” says Armour. “We want to be sure that when a family member leaves their loved one with us, they feel that Mallard Cove is perfect for their family members, and as similar to their life at home as possible.” 

Whether a person is moving into an independent living apartment, needs more attentive care or is in need of Mallard Cove’s memory care facility, The Willows, they will be surrounded by caring and supportive staff members ready to embrace your loved one as their own. 

Mallard Cove, as a complete community, embodies a stronger resort-like atmosphere than a medical one. Although there are both independent living amenities such as a fitness center, movie theatre, personal drivers and full-service salon, they are also equipped with 24-hour nursing and caregivers, along with physical therapists to assist each resident if needed. Surprisingly, all of these amenities and the residents’ care are covered in one all-inclusive rate, without having to worry about care level price increase. Mallard Cove houses residents range in age from 52 to 100, creating a diverse age range and a strong diversity in community. 

“Interactions at Mallard Cove are focused on the individual person and their families, and making sure they’re treated like our own family,” says Armour. “Our primary focus is on making residents’ lives better, and making sure we are a person-centric community. The physical attributes of our facilities are important, too, but not without making sure we’re treating residents and their families the same as our own. Senior living isn’t an amenity – this is a person’s life.” 

Armour’s passion for Mallard Cove’s mission is reflected in the actions and words of the staff as they care for residents as well. Staff members can be seen engaging with residents in a variety of ways – from leading a class or program to laughing with them over a joke like old friends. 

Sandy Long, resident service supervisor for Mallard Cove, emphasizes how important it is for staff to ensure everyone on the campus is properly cared for. “What I enjoy most about this job is that it’s a learning experience,” she says. “There is so much history in this building, and these people have so much knowledge to give you. It’s so important to get to know them and learn who they are and who they were. It’s so important that these people are taken care of and that everyone gets what they need – and that they still have their independence.”  

Mallard Cove Senior Living is located at 1410 Mallard Cove Drive, Sharonville, OH 45246. You can reach them at 513.772.6655 or visit their website at