The Sky’s the Limit for Wentz Design

Photo provided by Wentz Design


Wentz Design, a small architecture and design company that is breaking ground on a large project in Cincinnati, is proving itself a capable, energetic firm with a big future. 

“I’ve always been interested in building, construction and designing things,” says owner of Wentz Design, Mike Wentz. “In middle school I already knew this was the career I wanted.” 

That interest eventually led Wentz to form his own company in 2004. With more than 25 years of commercial and residential architectural design experience, Wentz has a unique set of skills in both markets. Until recently, most Wentz Design projects included high-scale residential properties and somewhat smaller commercial jobs like office warehouses and restaurants. Now, however, the company is working on its first breakout project in the large suburban office market. 

London Computer Systems (LCS), an IT company that produces property management software, is moving from Loveland to a new headquarters in Deerfield Township. The company has experienced tremendous growth and Wentz Design expanded its building from 5,000 square feet to 15,000 square feet just six years ago. Construction has now started on Phase I, a three story, 75,000 square foot signature building on Waterstone Boulevard. LCS enlisted a number of other architecture firms to compete for the new headquarters. 

“Even though we dealt with their previous expansion, being a smaller firm there were some concerns of whether we would be able to handle a project of that size,” Wentz says. “We knew we needed to collaborate in order to handle the job, so we joint ventured with Phoenix Architecture.” 

Wentz Design was one of three finalists, and then competed in a design competition before being chosen. “It was a pretty significant process we went through to land the project,” says Wentz. “Even though we had a prior relationship with the company, we had to prove ourselves capable.” 

Wentz says that every project comes with assembling a team of experts in different disciplines including engineering, mechanical systems, landscaping, interior design – and architecture is just one of the pieces. 

“Our two firms complement each other with different strengths, combining talents to deliver the best possible solution for our client,” says Wentz.

Another significant venture on the horizon for Wentz is the new Assurex Health headquarters and laboratories being built in Mason. The biotechnology company hired DTZ as project manager and Wentz Design is part of the team.

“We believe each project is a unique opportunity to collaborate, motivate, learn, design and deliver great spaces,” says Wentz.

Wentz Design is located at 7813 Ted Gregory Lane, Suite C, Cincinnati, OH 45242. You can reach them at 513.745.0420 or visit their website at