The Secret is Out


Locals from many locales often prefer to keep their sweet spots a secret. 

That amazing swimming hole just below the waterfall. The incredible new restaurant with cozy seating. The serene and idyllic park that even other locals haven’t discovered yet. 

But if you’re in the business of attracting new business to your spot, you’re not content until everyone knows just how sweet it is. 

For the passionate team at REDI Cincinnati (Regional Economic Development Initiative), sharing the “secrets” of Greater Cincinnati domestically and internationally to bring in new support and promote existing companies is what drives them on a daily basis. The fact that they’ve been recognized by Site Selection magazine as one of the top economic development organizations testifies to their success in communicating the benefits of relocating and expanding here. 

REDI´s primary mission is straightforward: to create jobs. To achieve this, REDI has positioned itself to be an effective first point-of-contact to not only answer questions but coordinate connections with their existing and ever-growing network of partners. To attract prospective companies to move into the region or helping local ones expand, REDI capitalizes on everything Greater Cincinnati has to offer. 

And Greater Cincinnati has a lot to offer. 

Located at the intersection of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Greater Cincinnati resides in the top 25 of the country’s largest cities with more than 2 million residents. According to KPMG, Cincinnati also sits atop the rankings for least-costly large city to conduct business. Another revealing truth is there are more Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the region per capita than Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. When combined with attractive tax advantages, a prime location with proximity to more than half of all U.S. manufacturers, population, purchasing and a vibrant investment culture, it becomes obvious that REDI has a lot to share as well.

“Greater Cincinnati is a place where people get things done,” said Johnna Reeder, president and CEO of REDI Cincinnati. “We have a long legacy of creating and innovating. We know how to nurture good business ideas – and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and do the difficult work required to grow businesses.”

Although REDI stands ready and equipped to do its part to assist large corporations, mid-size companies actually make up the bulk of its business. Connecting companies, no matter the size, to the area’s leaders and assets is how REDI gets down to business. 

Greater Cincinnati might still have some choice and confidential favorites tucked here and there, so REDI is busy spreading the word about all the great opportunities for economic development for both individual businesses and the region as a whole. 


REDI Cincinnati is located at 3 East Fourth Street, Suite 301, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.562.8474 or visit