The Right Mix of Independent Advice and Technology

Pictured left to right: Mike Roehm, VP of Business Development; Michael Roehm, Employee Benefit Specialist; Ryan Mount, Sales Associate; Ellen Langford, VP of Operations; Jake Roehm, Employee Benefit Specialist; and Becky Miller, Insurance Service Specialist

Photo by Catie Viox


For more than 50 years, Lang Financial Group has helped thousands of companies and individuals find the right mix of employee benefits to meet their needs and budget.

Fifty years predates the ATM and most certainly, Siri and Alexa. From its earliest days, Lang Financial Group built its business through the skills and dedication of its people and their willingness and ability to build long-term relationships with clients. They accomplished this by listening to those clients and developing an understanding of their goals and specific needs – superb customer service.

Fifty years later, technology is fundamentally changing the benefits industry. And thank goodness it is. Increased complexity and uncertainty surrounding benefit legislation such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, stricter compliance enforcement by the Department of Labor and shifting options in a fluid marketplace have created bewildering challenges for small and medium businesses. The technology systems that have been developed to support benefits administration help companies and employees navigate this wilderness and make good decisions.

Lang Financial Group has been an eager adopter of technology, properly deployed to assist its client with benefits administration. The company has made a major investment to provide solutions to clients that are user friendly and drive employee engagement. Benefit enrollment systems provide seamless, real-time integration with payroll providers and can provide direct carrier feeds. These systems help businesses turn their attention to core competencies.

Understanding the role of technology and its place in providing benefits is where Lang Financial Group differentiates itself. Systems and software are perfectly suited to transactional tasks, serving up information, guiding users through complex interactions.

When the challenge becomes more strategic, helping individuals and companies find the right mix of benefits to meet their needs and budget, technology takes a back seat to human interaction and customer service. It is here that Siri responds, “Hmmm, I’m sorry but I didn’t get that.”

The experienced advisors at Lang Financial Group do “get that.” They work with companies to identify the right benefit plan, and they continue to work and help manage that plan over time to make sure it continues to meet on-going needs. At Lang Financial, the client always comes first. As an independent organization, Lang Financial advisors always have the client’s interest at heart. That independence allows Lang Financial Group to customize plans so clients achieve their benefit goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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