The Executive's Choice

Photography by Wes Battoclette

December 11 is a special day for chef Nathan Sheatzley. Not only is it his birthday, but it’s also the day he was promoted to executive chef of The Cincinnatian Hotel in 2014. 

The Cincinnati native started his culinary career at the Maisonette under chef Bertrand Bouquin shortly after graduating from high school. “I went to the chef and I said, ‘I want to work with the best.’ He said, ‘Well I can’t really pay you much, but I’ll give you a shot,’ ” recalls Sheatzley. 

Since leaving the Maisonette, which was one of the top restaurants in the country before it closed in 2005, Sheatzley has mastered his skills and created his own personal style while working with a number of well-known chefs at highly decorated establishments. “I’ve traveled for food – Florida, Colorado, Utah, Kentucky and now I’m back,” says Sheatzley. 

In March of 2014 Sheatzley joined the Cincinnatian’s culinary team and has quickly risen through the ranks. As executive chef, he brings culinary flair to the hotel’s legendary fine dining experience at The Palace Restaurant. 

“We’re focused on doing great food. Everyone has their niches right now – we are going to do whatever we feel is right and proper,” says Sheatzley.  “Taking care of and respecting the food is the first priority” 

Sheatzley’s summer menu features bright, vibrant ingredients from local vendors when possible. Guests can select dishes from the a la carte menu or try one of two tasting options (five or nine courses). 

“We try to get everyone to try the five course tasting – it’s very approachable,” says Sheatzley. “We get a lot of compliments on portion sizing. You won’t leave too full or too empty – it’s just right. When you select one of the tasting menus we do mid-course treats so throughout the evening you will get three to five additional courses that aren’t on the menu.”

In addition to dinner, guests are invited to experience breakfast, weekend brunch and lunch at The Palace. 

The Cincinnatian Hotel is located at 601 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 513.381.3000 or visit their website at