The Benefits of Partnering with an HR Firm

Pandy Pridemore

Everyone knows that operating a business is not an easy task. But with so many companies trimming staff over the past five years, it might be time to review the current standards of the leadership team and reassess the competencies of those making decisions on a daily basis. Now that the economy has stabilized and many companies are looking into expanding their operations, business owners and managers need to be asking, “What should I be doing and what needs to change?”

They seem like easy questions. However, more often than not business owners will avoid these tough questions at all costs. The typical entrepreneur thinks he or she can do it all (and that they’re the best at it) while others know there are problems but have no idea where to start. This is where a consultant is needed, an outside set of eyes that can partner with the leadership team to guide them through the challenges they can see and those to which they are oblivious.

Businesses are familiar with operational consultants, IT consultants, even safety consultants. But one growing area of consulting services is in human resources. Over the past seven years, every business has been faced with the ever-changing environment of employment law and compliance issues that affect labor practices. A veteran HR consultant can smell problems before they occur, guiding business owners and companies in a proactive approach to prevent an oversight or mistake.

The Human Resource USA was founded nearly 10 years ago on the premise that every business, no matter the size, should have access to HR support when needed, as needed. Though most business owners don’t think about consultants as feasible and affordable problem solvers, professionals that focus on a single discipline have a definite return on investment. From the perspective of human resources, one of our veteran consultants can provide a world of knowledge and insight that can have an immediate impact on any business, from cost-accounting measures to a cultural standpoint.

Consider the benefits of partnering with a HR consulting firm:

Improve Processes: Our consultants can provide best practices for almost any process or protocol involving employee relations, employment practices and the general arena of HR activities. When the administrative functions of the HR duties are efficient and accurate, time is saved and the overall morale of the office is improved and the accuracy of communication and documentation is assured.

Eliminate Waste: Our consultants will use an audit to assure that a company is not wasting money in areas that have been overlooked by the current staff regarding the HR budget. All too often an extra set of eyes can find expenses that can be reevaluated or eliminated altogether in HR functions. It’s low-hanging fruit for an experienced consultant and one of the ways we “pay” for ourselves.

Compliance: A big part of our business is auditing for compliance. We know the Department of Labor and other government agencies have standards for what a company should be doing and what they cannot do in regards to employment practices, pay practices and the maintenance and recording of documentation. Performing an annual audit has become a standard function for many companies wanting to assure that their current staff is aware and applying present law through company policies and practices.

Confidante: We get as many calls after hours as we do from 9-5. Company leaders need someone they can confide in, talk things through with and sometimes simply vent to. We also like to remind prospects that we are actual people, not simply a voice on the phone. We partner with our clients face-to-face and get to know the team. We truly are an extension of your leadership team.

Interim or On-site Support: The majority of our clients have no need for a full-time HR presence and yet the need for HR knowledge is a must. Our services can provide that support either as a search for a permanent HR professional is in process or until the company grows large enough to warrant a permanent presence. We become a part of your team in a personal way so your employees develop a sense of trust and confidence that the company has their best interests in mind. On site, in person, on demand. We customize our services to meet the needs of your business.

Training: If your staff hasn’t been exposed to current best practices or is in need of basic employee management skills, we’re here to help. Whether it’s harassment training or basic interviewing skills, education is at the heart of everything we do. Strengthening your team to function in a compliant and efficient manner is one of the ways we accomplish our success.

A hardcore HR consultant will possess expertise far beyond recruiting and general administrative experience. It’s that “seen it all, done it all” wisdom a business owner should be looking for in selecting an HR consultant, a professional that specializes in concentrations of human resources, not someone at a call center or someone that wears as many hats as you do by offering expertise in areas such as finance or insurance.

If you’re a business owner or senior leader of a company and you ask yourself the questions, “What should I be doing and what needs to change?” don’t wait. If you need a solution for your HR concerns call a consultant. Call The Human Resource USA.