The Beauty is in the Details

Photography by Brooke Mullins Photography


FOUNDRYno.201 specializes in full-service residential and commercial interior architecture and design. We recently sat down with the Cincinnati-based firm to learn more about their unique approach to design.


Venue: What distinctives set FOUNDRYno. 201 apart?

F201: We’re process driven, but we pride ourselves on not having a one-size-fits-all model for our clients. Each project has its unique set of constraints and possibilities, and those must be an integral part of our design process, or else we wouldn’t be doing our jobs well. The other integral part of our process is the human factor, our clients. We truly enjoy getting to know them, how they live and work, and how they want to experience a space. This makes for more of a collaborative design process, which often translates into sketching over printed plans in a client meeting to get their feedback in real time as we’re brainstorming and designing.

Venue: Can you tell me more about your unique approach to design?

F201: For us, creativity, collaboration and connection are the three “C”s of design and the core of our brand. This mantra supports a purpose-driven approach to the design process, ultimately shaping and creating positive user experiences and functional solutions for our clients.  Creativity is truly at the forefront of what we do, but within the context and bounds of place, space, and people who interact with it. Each project is unique, with its own set of opportunities and challenges.  We engage in meaningful dialogue early in the design process, and keep asking a lot of “whys” and challenge them with “why nots.” This process allows us to continually exercise our design muscles and push for solutions that are intentional – contextually and functionally, have integrity and display a passion for design.

We continue to keep our eyes on the big picture, ensuring that the essence of a project never dissipates.

Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We believe this applies to not only a successful design, but also in professional development. We surround ourselves with people who inspire us, encourage us, challenge us and push us to be better individuals, teammates and designers. This collaborative “us is more” concept allows us to gain valuable insights into our industry, the world around us and deep within ourselves, and we apply this knowledge to each step of our design process.

Ultimately, our goal for each project is to curate connections. We strive to connect people with place, creating spaces with stories that shape the user experience.

Venue: How do clients typically react when they see the completed project for the first time?

F201: Consistent feedback we receive is how we’ve enhanced their experience in the space.  They believe that their space has met or exceeded their aesthetic needs, but more importantly, the space is functioning better, both spatially and in the details. They can move around in their space, they have enough room to cook with their kids or friends, the pulls have a good feeling in their hand as they open a drawer to grab a utensil, or they have enough task lighting. We’ve been told that we “help prevent and alleviate visual dissonance.” That really stuck with us. We love that we’re able to compile what doesn’t work for a user in an existing space, and harmoniously combine form and function to create a space that enhances their daily lives.


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