Tears & Investing

It Can Be A Good Thing?

Ben Beshear, Wealth Manager Advisor at Northwestern Mutual


I was watching the news the other day and there was a story of a soldier returning home to surprise his wife and daughter at a baseball game. I must admit every time I see one of these videos I tear up. In a world that can be so divisive and cynical, it’s important to remember what really matters.

I’ve been a financial advisor for almost 20 years.  Helping people with their money and their life planning can lead to deep and intimate conversations about life.  I love my clients, and I’ve learned a lot from their perspective.

Over the years, I have recognized several traits my favorite clients all have in common.  They have a joy that transcends money and even their current situation.  I’ve written about money and happiness before, but it can’t be over-communicated. I admire ambition and love helping people plan for future success, but if money goals aren’t rooted in something deeper, they can feel empty and unfulfilling in the end.

Below are 5 tips on how my favorite clients keep things in perspective... ultimately how to be happier, wealthier, and wiser in the rest of 2018, and hopefully beyond.



They are thankful for what they have regardless of how much or how little.  They find ways to see how they are fortunate and blessed and rarely see themselves as a victim, even when it would be justified.


They serve, mentor, give money away and believe in a purpose beyond themselves. They find ways to give back in every situation.


They invest in relationships, and have the humility to know that life and success won’t matter if they don’t have people they love to share it with.


They have hobbies, play games/sports, travel and have amazing stories to tell over a beer.  They make life an adventure. They have things they look forward to and dreams for the future, regardless of their age.


They don’t let money define them. They set up a solid financial plan, hire an advisor to help keep them on track, and review their plan a few times per year to make sure they are on the correct course.


Winston Churchill once said, “To think in such a place I led such a life.” An investment in these five categories will set you on the path to something richer than a balance sheet. Pretty simple.


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