Take a Peak at the Fine Art of Rookwood Pottery

Photography provided by Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood Pottery has a long tradition of creating internationally acclaimed ceramic art. Its founder, Maria Longworth, believed that the key to creating fine art was to create an environment filled with talent, ideas and inspiration. Almost 140 years later, this environment still exists at Rookwood Pottery’s Over-the-Rhine location.

Rookwood Pottery’s emphasis on fine art motivates versatile tile designs and styles for more than fireplaces; it can be used to create amazing kitchens and bathrooms as well. Niqué Swan, the company’s vice president of operations and sales, says the most important thing to know about Rookwood Pottery is “that it’s art. That it’s dynamic and beautiful. It is our hope that it is actually something that will appreciate in value.”

Rookwood Pottery offers hand-crafted products within three main collections; Heritage Collection, Modern Classics and Timeless Beauty. The Heritage collection honors historic styles with some tiles dating back as far as 1912. The Modern Classics reflect current trends in today’s market. The Timeless Beauty collection fuses the historic with the contemporary, creating a coveted aesthetic synergy.

Each collection offers unique options to meet their customers’ bathroom or kitchen style and design needs. With over 100 in-house produced glazes, creative options are not an issue at Rookwood Pottery. “The power of Rookwood is the versatility of our glazes,” says Swan. “We always say our glazes are art. If you want every tile to be the exact same white, then go to Home Depot or Lowes to get that. If you want something beautiful and artistic our range of glazes allows versatility and that’s why people like it.”

If none of these collections is what the customer seeks, Rookwood provides fully customizable options as well. “For folks with enough time and a large enough budget,” Swan says, “we can create tile from scratch, which no one else can offer.”

In addition, Rookwood Pottery offers tiles in their traditional 5/8 depth, as well as the standard 3/8. “The reason we did that is because the 3/8 depth allows people to intertwine our tile with other standard tiles,” says Swan. “We don’t necessarily have to be everywhere, but we want to be in the special places. We want to make a statement.”

Despite Rookwood Pottery’s wide appeal to the arts and crafts world, Swan hopes that people will experience the fine artistry Rookwood is known for on an international level, and that they will do whatever it takes to satisfy the needs to their customers. “If you have a desire that looks historic we can do that; or you want something that is contemporary, we can do that too. We can satisfy all of your design and style needs,” says Swan.

What a perfect blend of superb artistry and customer satisfaction.


The Rookwood Pottery Company Architectural Tile and Art Pottery Factory and Showroom is located at 1920 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 513.381.2510 or visit their website at www.rookwood.com.

The Rookwood Pottery Company Art Pottery Store is located at 1209 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 513.579.1209 or by email at sales@rookwood.com.