Surgeon's Office Building Fancies a Facelift, too

Photo provided by Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery


A decade after Alexander Donath, MD, FACS, transformed a bank building in Kenwood into his now-flourishing Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery practice, the renowned surgeon decided it was time to give the building an exterior facelift and fill in the first floor with additional aesthetic services. The renovation, with an expected January 2018 completion date, is cause for celebration among staff and clientele.

“We are very happy to be expanding the practice into the first floor of our building, and provide a full range of aesthetic services to complement our second-floor practice,” says Donath. “Our building, while considered contemporary for the area at the time it was constructed, was thought by some to not fully indicate all we offer here on the second floor.”

The original 4,500 square-foot practice houses two operating rooms, five injection rooms, two aesthetician rooms, general office space and administrative and patient care areas. As a fresh year dawns, front windows and new signage will help display the main practice more from the outside. The opening of an extra 2,000 square feet on the first floor along with reconfiguration of the second floor is designed to accommodate a conference room, as well as the brand new LUXE at CFPS – a plethora of pampering services including hair styling and coloring, manicures and pedicures and therapeutic massage, along with additional space for aesthetic medical treatments.

“We explored many different options for the first floor, looking at what would best complement what we do upstairs,” Donath recalls. “We’ve been thinking about doing this for years, but we took our time because we wanted to make sure we were making the right changes. Our patients are our best sounding boards, and they uniformly embraced this concept.”

The conference room will enable better training of his rapidly growing staff, Donath notes. And when doctors come in from out of town and around the world to observe procedures, Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery will now have more space to share Donath’s sought-after approach to treatments.

Donath, blessed with aesthetic facial and architectural inclinations as well as a discerning eye for detail, has enjoyed having a hand in the building’s new exterior and interior designs. “It’s been great fun, it really has.” he says. “We enjoyed transforming our second floor into a relaxing space with a soothing palate (yellows and tans) that puts people at ease, because of the medical aspect of our services. Conversely, downstairs, LUXE at CFPS will be accented in a more upbeat, sophisticated white and gray. And the exterior changes should better reflect the level of service we provide and better unify the two floors.”

“We are excited to share these improvements with our growing patient base, both locally and beyond,” Donath continues. “We have been flattered to draw patients from all parts of the US and multiple foreign countries and these renovations are in response to their requests for additional services at a single location, for their efficiency and convenience. We’ve made a substantial investment in our facilities and in this location, which we have enjoyed for 10 years. It was time.” 

  Alexander Donath, MD, FACS. Photo by Catie Viox.

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