Suiting Up in Style

Dan Smith, Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection brand ambassador.

Photo by Wes Battoclette

With a popular Instagram showing off his style sense and little fear of thinking outside the wardrobe box, Dan Smith, Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection brand ambassador, is rarely seen without a put-together and polished outfit. “I like to model off of Tom Ford, who said ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners,’ ” Smith says. 

Confessing his love for suits, fashion and being a personal stylist, Smith adds that he really enjoys his position representing the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection brand as well as dressing his client base in the best the store has to offer. “Cincinnati has been pretty up and coming for fashion,” says Smith. 

When he’s not traveling the country working to strengthen and represent the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection brand, he’s helping the menfolk of Cincinnati choose a wardrobe that will keep them well-dressed at all times. “Often, men will shop the way you suggest they shop,” says Smith. “They don’t want to be sold on anything, they just want to look good.” 

This is where Smith’s brand expertise can come into play – the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection brand house brand is more on the affordable side compared to other brands in the store, but everything is still made by expert designers like Samuelsohn and Magnanni. “We can save people a little bit of money, but they’re not sacrificing that great designer quality,” says Smith. 

Suiting, of course, is Smith’s specialty – a passion that is reflected in the way he dresses. The details are fascinating, he says, and there’s a world of customization options open to suits that aren’t available in other facets of menswear. “We can build an entire outfit from scratch, customizing everything,” says Smith. “And everyone should have amazing shoes.” 

For those particularly fashion-challenged individuals, Smith and other personal stylists can coordinate a full closet for easy outfit selection each day. Clients can obtain a full photo book that includes each piece in their closet, and the ability to mix and match pieces in the book before determining what outfit is best for the day. “This is usually more ideal for people who have an extensive closet – one client of mine had 30 suits, so he needed some help,” says Smith.

Once the closet is coordinated and Smith has a client dressed in the best Saks Fifth Avenue has to offer, they’re guaranteed to look their best. 

Saks Fifth Avenue is located at 101 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 513.421.6800 or visit You can follow Dan Smith’s fashion Instagram at @SuitUpCincinnati.