St. Joseph Home Stands for Compassionate Care

Photography by Greg Grupenhof

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When it comes to compassionate care and the dignity of life, there is no better place than St. Joseph Home.

The professional staff, board of directors and volunteers of the Home are passionate about the mission to provide care for non-ambulatory children and adults who have profound developmental disabilities.

One of these volunteers is Rick Theders, chairman of the board of RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders. Well known for his business acumen, he is humble about his accomplishments as a board of directors member for St. Joseph Home and his time serving as a volunteer in the Home’s Day Program. He praises the center for all it does for those it serves.

St. Joseph Home board of directors vice-chair Rick Theders and vice president of operations Dan Connors work to further the SJH’s mission.


“St. Joseph Home offers a creative, loving place to serve the residents and families of children and adults with profound disabilities,” explains Theders. “It provides compassionate care and attention to an individual’s medical, social, learning and spiritual needs, as well as a home and extended family to all who reside there. It is a feel-good, down deep in your heart kind of place.”

A non profit sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, St. Joseph Home goes above and beyond to develop and share the gifts of its residents, whose contributions extend beyond the home.

From the St. Joseph Home’s Residential Program and Harold C. Schott Respite Center to the Adult Day Program, there are many ways St. Joseph’s Home goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care, dedicated service and faithful advocacy for the most vulnerable members of the community.

St. Joseph Home is home to 48 residents - children and adults - with complex medical needs. St. Joseph Home values and provides dignity of life for all residents. 


Theders explains that he is amazed every day he has the opportunity to volunteer or be at St. Joseph Home and see the difference the programs make in the lives of the residents. “The direct support professionals and nursing personnel who provide the daily hands-on care prove that it’s more than a job to each of them. The way they care for residents, look residents in the eye and heart, hugs given, words spoken. It makes the residents’ lives special every day, allowing them to grow in experiences encouraged by St. Joseph Home staff. Just walk down the halls pushing a resident in his or her wheelchair and listen how each staff member addresses the residents,” he says. “You’ll hear, ’Hello Katie,’ ‘Hi Chris,’ ‘How are you today Tommy?’ When you see the responding smile or look from the residents,” you know St. Joseph Home is making a difference in every resident’s life.