Southern Style With Cincinnati Charm

Katie Vox


Dan Swormstedt, owner of Court Street Lobster and Fiery Hen, has always been in the business of serving others, usually behind a bar or counter.

Swormstedt began his journey working at a pool concession stand as a 14-year-old. He then worked in restaurants during his college years, followed by bartending on the weekends for extra income.

“I really loved it. I love interacting with people. I love making their day brighter by serving them, getting them a drink. Whether you’re behind the bar or serving, you can really turn someone’s day around as long as you have a nice smile and talk to them,” says Swormstedt.

While Swormstedt’s two culinary ventures stand side-by-side on Court Street, they didn’t start there.

“[Court Street Lobster] was open for about a year when Fiery Hen came into our minds,” says Swormstedt. While on a trip in Nashville, Swormstedt got a call from his landlord that the property adjacent to his was available, and he had first right of refusal – if he had a workable idea or plan for the space.

“I came home and spent the next 36 hours putting together a business plan, turned it in, and we had the space within a week. You have to be ready when opportunity knocks,” he says.

And so, Fiery Hen came into being. Positioned as a southern-style culinary experience here in Cincinnati, Fiery Hen is rooted in the family experience.

“My chef was born and bred in Kentucky, his dad’s family is from Birmingham, Alabama; I’ve lived in the Carolinas and have family in East Tennessee. So, we discussed our favorite dishes from growing up and developed a menu from that. We have some family recipes on the menu with some twists,” says Swormstedt. “This is really a place that you can come to with a large group of friends or a large group of family, sit down, have a good time and enjoy a meal.”

Fiery Hen also offers a Sunday Brunch from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. featuring a menu with homestyle classics like shrimp and grits, Kentucky Hot Brown, chicken and biscuits and brunch drinks. Don’t miss out on this Southern treat – and make sure to bring a friend or two along.

Fiery Hen is located at 26 W. Court St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.381.1107 or visit