Something for Everyone

Pictured from Left: Amy, Jacob & Jimmy Stafford


This fall, to build a different culture into the store, Stafford Jewelers, a Cincinnati-based, family-owned business, is introducing several big designer brands. For instance, Nanis is a unique line from Italy – all hand-etched, 18-karat yellow gold pieces.

“It’s a fantastic line that’s very different from all other jewelry out there,” says Michelle Randle, Director of Stores for Stafford Jewelers.

They are also introducing Penny Preville, a famous jewelry designer who designs in white, yellow, and rose gold.

“She designs items for women to be worn all the time,” says Randle. “She does higher-end pieces but is really more of an everyday diamond line.”

Randle calls Penny Preville their go-to line for someone who is looking to self-pamper.

“We want to empower women to feel like they can shower themselves with a treat whenever they want,” says Randle. “It doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary. It can just be a day they feel like splurging on themselves.”

The store also brought in two silver designers, Vahan and Ippolita. Vahan mostly consists of bracelets – especially stackable bracelets where the customer can create their own beautiful collection up their wrist.

“We call it arm candy,” says Randle. “It’s a big trend right now to have your own personalized stack of bracelets, whether it’s all one designer or multiple designers.”

Randle points out that one reason people love bracelets is because they can see them as they’re being worn, unlike, say, earrings and necklaces.

“We wear them for ourselves,” says Randle.

Ippolita is a contemporary silver line for the younger generation.

“It’s very hip, very fresh. Big bold pieces of shiny high-polished silver,” says Randle. “The exact opposite of the Vahan line.”

Then there’s Assael, a fine pearl line that sells the highest quality pearls in the world.

When deciding on what to carry, Randle says they focus on the trends and the analytics of the store itself.

“We try to fill the need,” says Randle. “Right now, the designer brands are important to people so we wanted to bring in designers that are very different from one another.”

Often people come in to shop for a special celebration, and Stafford Jewelers wants to provide just the right item for the occasion. They also want to offer something for everyone’s price point.

“Whether it’s a CEO looking for a piece for $100k or a struggling student looking for something that’s a couple hundred dollars, we want to be everybody’s jeweler,” says Randle.

In addition to all of these new lines they’re introducing, the company also carries their Stafford collection, consisting of vendors from all over the world.

“We strive to encompass any need that anyone would have,” says Randle. “We want every person who comes into our store to find something they love.” 


Stafford Jewelers is located at Kenwood Towne Center, 7875 Montgomery Road, Suite 56 (outside Nordstrom) Cincinnati, OH 45236; and Downtown, 55 W. 5th St., (corner of 5th and Race), Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, visit