Simplifying the Stock Market

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Navigating the stock market can be confusing for beginners who find the whole process daunting, but anyone can learn to trade – and make money – from stocks when armed with the right resources. is a resource that cuts through the noise, providing institutional-quality insights. Ross Haber and Andre Neidich founded to empower investors by providing actionable stock ideas. 

They report their findings three times a week in the Newsletter, screening stocks, posting daily watch lists and delivering no-frills newsletters to their clients.

“The stock market is at the top of our list of favorite things, so the ability to share this knowledge with others makes it even more worthwhile,” says Neidich. 

Their methodology is based on historical precedent and facts. It works for anyone, from the novice investor to the institutional investor. Eleven principles – available on their website – are the foundation for the pair’s time-tested methods.  

“We are market timers, we only participate when the odds are clearly in our favor and then exit and/or cut them back accordingly,” says Neidich. “In similar fashion, we use cash during times when the market is volatile and trendless. This has substantially paid off for us over the years.” 

Haber is a former William O’Neil + Co. portfolio manager and hedge fund manager while Neidich is a former business owner and hedge fund manager. They launched in 2013 when they realized that their interpretation of the market was not represented in the newsletter arena.  

For less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, subscribers can receive more than 40 years of combined experience delivered to their inbox. 

“We give our readers access to institutional-quality technical and fundamental information,” says Haber. “This is the same information provided to the largest and most successful financial institutions around the world.”

The company also offers monthly meetings at various locations in Greater Cincinnati because Haber and Neidich enjoy presenting their findings and personally helping people meet their investment potential. 

“We want to be the DIY (do it yourself) of the individual investing world,” says Neidich. “Our clients receive the same information that we were providing to the world’s top institutions.” Newsletters are designed for busy individuals who don’t have time to read lengthy reports full of opinions and confusing jargon. Haber and Neidich use their experience to glean the most important takeaways and then deliver that simplified information to more than 1,000 subscribers.  

The Investing Philosophy 

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Never enter a trade without a plan. 

Determine the direction of the general market and never trade against the trend. 

Buy the strongest stocks in the strongest groups. 

Only buy high relative strength stocks – they generally outperform the rest of the market. 

Limit your universe of stocks to companies that are profitable. 

Buy stocks that have institutional sponsorship. 

Do not buy such a large position that you can’t sell it in a hurry without moving the price of the stock significantly. 

Use charts to enter and exit a stock at its “optimal point.” This is the point where risk/reward is highly skewed in your favor. 

Use a maximum sell stop of 7-8 percent when purchasing a stock from a proper base at the correct pivot point. 

Market exposure depends on three variables: 

Overall health of the general market indices.

Breadth and technical health of the leading stocks. 

Amount of progress you have made in your account. 

When you pyramid, or add shares to a position, never add more than half of your initial position, so as not to hurt your
average price.

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