Serving Clients Better Through A Professional Collaboration


Horter Investment Management, which in 2018 has grown to manage over $1.3 billion in assets, has forged a new alliance with CPA-Plus Network. In an interview with Drew Horter, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horter Investment Management, Horter talks about this alliance.


First, let’s discuss your recent alliance with CPA-Plus Network. What can you tell us about this organization?

Drew Horter: CPA-Plus Network is a non-profit association of CPAs created by CPAs, for CPAs. The purpose of the Network is to assist one another in meeting today’s challenges successfully and creating ways to share and explore new ideas, cutting-edge tools, and best practices. As a result, the Network will generally be able to help CPA firms increase revenue margins and efficiency by going through a peer-to-peer network so they can discuss best practices.


With increased access to financial tools online, we imagine that CPAs are looking to develop a competitive edge in the industry.

Drew Horter: Yes, it’s one of the big issues CPAs have in this day and age, but it’s important to note that while CPAs work hard during tax season, they’re also under big demands all year long, which doesn’t give them much time to improve their current systems and practices. The Network, through various methods, helps CPAs break out of this current trap. And that’s where we come in, helping to assist the Network in their coaching of CPAs.


Aside from the sheer size of Horter Investment Management, which has a team of over 300 advisors and practices and is registered in all 50 states, how does your firm complement the goals of CPA-Plus Network?

Drew Horter: Horter provides additional infrastructure and leadership to assist the Network in its rapid growth. Moreover, our advisors will work with CPAs on a collaborative basis, as CPAs are looking to expand beyond their tax return businesses into other services.


How do you think your clients will benefit from this new alliance?

Drew Horter: CPAs are by nature very conservative and protective of their clients’ financial lives. As this has always been a cornerstone of Horter Investment Management, this allows the two organizations to share best practices in making all clients’ lives better.


In what ways has Horter adapted to changes in the financial planning industry?

Drew Horter: In addition to wealth management education, our advisors are trained in behavioral sciences to help best guide our clients into living a better life. We want to work with our clients to find answers to questions like ‘What would an ideal day in retirement look like for you?’ And ‘What are your biggest concerns?’ ‘How can we make your life or health better?’ For example, if you want to buy a new house in Florida or buy a new boat, we can provide alternative ways to handle those transactions. We go much further than just investment management. Anything that a client touches financially, we can be there to help them so they don’t have to make those decisions by themselves. 


Finally, give us a glimpse into how this new alliance will help shape Horter’s path moving forward.

Drew Horter: We are taking this responsibility very seriously. With CPA-Plus, I believe we will work together to build a better investment future for CPA clients as well as a better life. Our portfolios utilize our forward-looking due diligence. We want to look at how a portfolio may perform in the future, not just how it has performed in the past. This truly is a huge new opportunity for Horter, and we look forward to working with thousands of advisors and CPAs across the country. 


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