Rising Star Medical Leaders

Photography by Wes Battoclette, Daniel Smyth & Catie Viox

Venue Magazine proudly recognizes this year’s Rising Star Medical Leaders. The awards program, sponsored by John D. Dovich & Associates, applauds young professionals in Greater Cincinnati who are the best and brightest in the field.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving with breakthrough innovation and cutting-edge technology that is changing and expanding the landscape. A medical community that stands on the forefront of these advances, dedicated to quality patient care, is critical to our region.

These respected young physicians are rising to the challenge of providing outstanding care and innovation to the community. In honor of the significant impact they have made, we congratulate these individuals on their professional achievements and thank them for their tireless dedication to our community.

Our firm is proud to once again sponsor Venue Magazine’s RISING STAR MEDICAL LEADERS awards program. We are honored to celebrate the Greater Cincinnati area’s rising star medical leaders and excited for what it means for our Tri-State metropolitan area.

While there continues to be much uncertainty in the healthcare world, one constant and certain factor is the high quality care we all receive in the Tri-State from our medical practitioners. We are immensely fortunate to have such dedicated and talented healthcare professionals taking care of all of us within the Greater Cincinnati area. And while doctor’s house calls are a thing of the past, the devotion and care medical professionals offer all of us in Greater Cincinnati, every day, all day, is unparalleled. 

Congratulations to our Rising Star Medical Leaders.

Our city has a deep tradition in providing game-changing healthcare for its residents. Names like Sabin, Rieveschl and Reid are legendary in our city. How many lives have been saved by Dr. Albert Sabin’s cure for polio? Can you imagine trying to survive an allergy season in our Tri-State without Benadryl, invented by UC professor George Riverschl a few short decades ago? And while there’s no cure for sickle cell anemia yet, Dr. Clarice Reid, Cincinnati’s only African-American pediatrician (male or female) who worked in private practice during 1962-68, focused much of her career on developing important advances in sickle cell research and hematology. These are clearly big shoes to fill and our contemporary healthcare practitioners are up to the task. 

Much like how we dedicate ourselves to the financial well-being of our clients, our medical professionals’ dedicate their lives to taking care of us, guiding us to make valuable life decisions, and urging us to achieve our goals for a healthy life style. And while the healthcare industry has had some challenges over the past few years with a myriad of issues – whether it’s politically-based challenges or economic ones, one thing is a constant … we appreciate our healthcare professionals! 

Congratulations to our 2016 Rising Star Medical Leaders. Life is good in our small part of the world and it’s in large part due to dedicated professionals, such as yourselves. Each and every one of you matter, to all of us. Thank you. 


John D. Dovich, CLU, ChFC