Restaurant L

VEAL SHORT RIB “POT A FEU,” potatoes, seasonal vegetables, lemongrass broth, herb salad

Photography by Jon Keeling


Hailing from Paris, France, Restaurant L’s Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel draws upon his praised talents and unique styles to deliver to his clientele meals that he hopes will be much more than just food.

“Restaurant L is a place where our customers experience something they cannot find anywhere else,” says Chef de Cavel. “Lunch and dinner should always be a celebration. Whether it be a business lunch or a dinner with friends and family, I want every visit to become a way for our clients to enjoy and treat themselves to a one-of-a-kind experience.”

The Maisonette first brought Jean-Robert to Cincinnati; after eight years he moved on to other adventures. In 2016, Restaurant L opened.

“Our International business community wants Cincinnati to be as good as New York or Chicago when it comes to dining out, they want Cincinnati to be a food destination,” explains Chef de Cavel. “The reputation of French food is not entirely because of the chefs, but because of the access they have to and the way they celebrate local and seasonal products in France. There is a huge difference between cuisine in the north and south parts of France, for example, because of the different local products.”

Continuing with tradition, Chef de Cavel adjusts the menu to reflect local and seasonal ingredients.

“Restaurant L offers many ways to experience a variety of flavors. We offer two-, three- and eight-course dinners so customers can enjoy different foods.

“Although our menu changes several times each year, we offer things that appeal to everyone’s preference. We always have dishes celebrating meat and game, seafood and vegetables offered in each course. We want to make each visit a new, elevated experience that will ensure our customers can’t wait to come back for another celebration with us.” 


Restaurant L is located in the promenade of the Great American Tower at 301 E 4th Street, Suite 450, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information or to make a reservation, call 513.760.5525 or visit