Recycling Your Junk for a Greener Planet

Junk, trash, detritus, refuse, bric-a-brac: different names for the inevitable byproducts of society. Call it what you will, but there’s no denying its existence, and there’s no denying it’s everywhere.

Enter Junk King, a full-service removal company without a specific client base because their client base is everyone. Every organization, person, and process produces junk to some extent, and Junk King has proven to be the most successful business in the nation at dealing with it.

“We serve people who are going through real estate transitions and need to get rid of stuff they don’t want,” says Pete McCreary, owner of Junk King Cincinnati. “We serve seniors who are moving or downsizing as well as the children of those who have passed away. Contractors call us to get stuff when they do remodels. Then there are homeowners who cut down a tree or who need a shed taken away or who have an old stove or hot tub they don’t want. We haul all that away for them.”

“We are the greenest junk removal business in the nation.  There’s an economic benefit to it because it doesn’t cost us to dump what we recycle. But it is more than that. We are a throwaway society and we’re filling our landfills too fast.”

The company owes its stellar national success to the two defining features: world-class customer service and a recycling-based model.

“We focus on creating a great experience for our customers,” says McCreary. “We are quick and efficient and we can do same- day pickups if customers call in the morning.”

A national franchise, Junk King was the highest-ranked customer service organization in America in 2012. This success derives from combining old-fashioned customer service principles with the newest technologies to provide modern customers with timely, professional removal services.

Franchise owners like McCreary ensure that that excellent customer service is maintained on a regional level. Doing so has contributed to his success. McCreary started Junk King Cincinnati in 2011 with one location and one truck; over the next three years he opened a location in Dayton and increased his number of trucks to four. He’s the veritable Junk King king of Southwest Ohio.

Yet McCreary’s success is also attributable to the second defining feature of Junk King’s business – recycling.

“We are the greenest junk removal business in the nation,” says McCreary. “There’s an economic benefit to it because it doesn’t cost us to dump what we recycle. But it is more than that. We are a throwaway society and we’re filling our landfills too fast.”

On a typical residential call, McCreary will recycle 60% of what he hauls, from cardboard and paper to electronics and metals to furniture and the foam inside mattresses. On a larger scale, Junk King sorts its recyclables in its warehouses and develops local and national recycling relationships to minimize dump fees and maximize recycling income for its franchise partners. This is another reason for McCreary’s success, and yet another ingenious feature of the business its competitors simply can’t offer.

The company’s beneficence, embodied in the recycling program, is displayed elsewhere as well.

“We really try to do the right thing in disposing what we get,” says McCreary. “We have a couple of veterans and when they have flags to be hauled we fold them up and take them to the American Legion. It’s little stuff like that, the little aspects of the business we don’t have to do but we do because we want people to have absolute confidence that we are going to take care of their stuff properly.”


Junk King Cincinnati is located at 2736 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. You can reach them at 513.206.8945, or visit their website at