R. Nathan Golden

Owner, ManageCast


Founded in 2000, Managecast initially provided a wide array of general IT products and solutions, as well as IT consulting and support services. Today, the company has specialized in cloud backup and disaster recovery, while also providing business continuity and disaster recovery as a service. The majority of the Managecast client base still resides within Ohio. However, their niche in cloud backup services has allowed them to expand with customers all over the U.S. and Canada.

Managecast couples management, disaster recovery planning services, with the ability to provide a complete offsite disaster recovery solution for just about any platform and application. Cloud backup data is stored in Cincinnati, OH, and replicated to Louisville, KY, with redundancy built in.

“After being in business for many years we realized a lot of customers don’t monitor and manage their backups as they should,” says Nathan Golden. “Let’s face it, doing backups is like going to the dentist – something you need to do, but it’s easy to put off, and easy to neglect – especially when other projects get your attention.”