Quiet Care Technology

Enhancing Residents’ Lives While Offering Families Peace of Mind

Photography by Catie Viox


It’s not the fictional artificial superintelligence system by the same name featured in those Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, but it does help safeguard some of humanity’s most vulnerable members.

Skynet, the healthcare technology that combines emergency call capabilities with real time location proficiency, silently provides the staff at The Sheridan at Mason with all the information they need to further ensure residents’ safety and security with dignity while offering families great peace of mind.

“It’s wonderful technology, and part of what we call our quiet care approach,” explains Terri Mundy, director of sales and marketing at The Sheridan. “It’s respectful of residents’ dignity and allows us to be proactive from a nursing and interaction standpoint.” Skynet’s no-loud-alarms care provides a unique safety/security net, deployed in such a way that most people don’t realize it’s being used, she notes. Hence, staff is alerted without upsetting other residents or drawing unwanted attention to a resident in need of help. “And that’s fantastic, no doubt about it.”

The all-inclusive, easily-deployed technology platform enables residents to make emergency calls from wherever they are in the assisted living/memory care community with just a double-tap on a button on a wearable, waterproof wristband. No need for bedside call buttons or pull cords. Staff is notified immediately via mobile devices and communication panels/interactive maps strategically positioned throughout the community. Skynet also offers the added benefit of fall detection.

“So no matter where Mom is in one of our buildings – if she’s watching a movie in our theater for example – when you come to our front desk and say, ‘Hey, I want to surprise Mom and take her out for the afternoon,’ staff can look at the Skynet monitor and say, ‘Great! She’s in the theater.’”

Also, if Mom happens to fall or collapse from a standing position, the wristband senses the change in position, immediately – and noiselessly – notifying staff.

“A resident’s wristband also serves as the key to their apartment, so we have security reportability on who was in or out and from what side their door was opened,” Mundy continues. And motion detectors are located inside each apartment. “If the motion detector tells us Dad got up three times last night – and he normally sleeps all night long – and we see a pattern for two or three nights, we know to check if perhaps he has a urinary tract infection brewing before it gets out of hand. We’re alerted to any break in a resident’s regular sleep patterns.”

Skynet’s wander management/GPS technology is particularly helpful when caring for residents experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s or other recall impairment, Mundy notes. “The alarms don’t make a sound, but they alert us to elopement issues. So, for example, if Dad gets too close to an exit we know immediately where he is, and we can help redirect him.”

Also integral to The Sheridan’s quiet care approach is ensuring family/community connection via the use of Sagely, the community app that measures resident engagement, and shares with designated family members via their smart phones photos of their loved one participating in activities and events. It’s not just about encouraging residents to stay active, but it’s also for reassuring family members that they can go about their busy lives while keeping up-to-date with their loved ones, knowing they’re enjoying their lives, Mundy says. 


The Sheridan at Mason, a Senior Lifestyle Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, is located at 5373 Merten Drive, Mason, OH 45040. For more information, call 513.898.0621 or visit www.seniorlifestyle.com/property/sheridan-mason/.