Putting Their Building's Best Face Forward

Photo by Catie Viox


Buildings, like people, need a little rejuvenation now and then. A nip here. A tuck there. A bit of brightening, perhaps, to accentuate the outward positives.


So it was only natural, really, that renowned surgeon Alexander Donath, M.D., FACS embarked upon transforming his Cincinnati Facial Plastics office building a year ago, giving the former bank building an exterior facelift and filling in the first floor with additional aesthetic services. The long-awaited procedure was completed this past spring.

The new sign displays an updated name, as well – Donath Facial Plastic Surgery.

“It’s been a an exciting transformation,” Donath says. “We’re happy to have completed it, and happy the Kenwood office’s new appearance has resonated well with our patients. We’ve been in this building for 11 years, and we knew for some time the building would benefit from some refreshing, but the timing wasn’t right until recently. We went through a planning phase, like someone does for the surgical procedures we offer. We looked at all available options.”

Donath and his staff mainly wanted to change the exterior appearance of the building to have more of a presence from the street to make it more evident to passersby that there is an office on the second floor. That desire allowed the creation of a conference room on that floor, requiring more windows which, in turn, invited more light into the building.

The original 4,500-square-foot practice housed two operating rooms, five injection rooms, two aesthetician rooms, general office space and administrative and patient care areas. As 2018 dawned, front windows and new signage helps display the main practice more from the outside. The addition of an extra 2,000 square feet and reconfiguration of the first floor accommodates the new conference room, as well as the new LUXE at CFPS, which offers a plethora of pampering services, including hair styling and coloring, manicures and pedicures, and therapeutic massage.

Whether it is a building or a human face, there are certain structural aspects one must work with, Donath points out.

“Our building is unique in its footprint and façade. which presented some interesting challenges, not unlike faces,” he says. “Faces come in various shapes and sizes, and there are certain symmetries that must be considered. Also like a face, there are certain key areas of a building that, if changed, can disrupt its support, so we had to pay attention to that as well.”

Donath, blessed with aesthetic facial and architectural inclinations and a discerning eye for detail, has enjoyed having a hand in creating the building’s new exterior. “We’re proud to be a regional and national destination for facial rejuvenation, and as a result, while we were growing well without these changes, we just felt like it was something we wanted to do.” The building’s renovation was also in response to patients’ requests for additional services at a single location for efficiency and convenience.

“It’s very gratifying to see the finished product and to compare the before and after pictures,” he says. “Presentation counts. It’s what we try to help our patients do – we’re putting our best face forward.”


Donath Facial Plastic Surgery is located at 7763 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45236. For more information, call 513. 891.LIFT (5438) or visit www.cincyfacialplastics.com