Pure Romance's $28 Million Investment in Cincinnati

Pure Romance President and CEO Chris Cicchinelli


If you were out downtown this weekend, and given the glorious weather you had very little excuse not to be, then you probably saw a lot of spectacularly clad women (and probably some men, too) sporting ‘Pure Romance’ attire.

The reason? Pure Romance's 2015 Spring National Training meetings, held Friday, April 17 through Sunday, April 19 at the Duke Energy Convention Center downtown and at surrounding hotels. 

There were around 3,000 Pure Romance consultants in total (consultants here having a meaning somewhere near salesperson, franchise owner and event planner). The training sessions offered the consultants sales tips and discussion opportunities on topics such as running a small business, social media marketing and women’s sexual health. A number of prominent physicians specializing in women’s health also presented on topics related to sexual healthcare. 

The 2015 Spring National Training meetings were expected to add more than $4.4 million in economic impact to the Greater Cincinnati area. And according to a new study by the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center, the conferences and meetings held by Pure Romance are estimated to have a $28 million economic impact on the city. Factored into that estimate is last year’s World Conference, and the numbers account for years through the company’s 25th anniversary in 2018. 

Economic Impact of All 2014-18 Events:

  • Spending by Pure Romance: $5,875,300 
  • Additional Spending by Visitors: $7,867,800 
  • Total Direct Spending: $13,744,100 
  • Indirect Economic Impact: $14,515,400
  • Total Economic Activity: $28,259,500

“Over the next four years, we plan to make a major financial commitment to downtown Cincinnati to host our National Training sessions and World Conferences,” said Chris Cicchinelli, President & CEO of Pure Romance. “We look forward to showcasing the continued vibrancy of downtown Cincinnati to our thousands of consultants each year as we plan for our 25th anniversary in 2018.”