Pointing Students Toward Their Professional Passions Since 1975

Photography provided by Southern State Community College


A multiple-choice question:

What makes Southern State Community College the logical option for students focused on their futures, post-high school and beyond?

A) Quality education

B) Affordable

C) Close to home

D) All of the above


If you chose D – all of the above – you are 100 percent correct. And that’s only the beginning of an impressive list of reasons Southern State Community College is a great choice for students interested in pursuing a two-year degree that promises to either steer them to a job or allow them to transfer to another college to complete a bachelor’s degree, say Southern State officials.

Beginning in seventh grade (per the state of Ohio), students who meet eligibility requirements can get a head start on making the major study/time management transition into college by enrolling in College Credit Plus (CCP) through the Ohio Department of Higher Education, a program offered at Southern State. Students can forego some high school classes, attend Southern State and take classes accredited as both high school and college classes, and graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree, concurrently. Certainly a cost-saving way for students to find out where their professional passions lie while figuring out what they want to do the rest of their lives. Students can take CCP classes online, on a college campus or in their own school district via qualified instructors.

A total of 71 students who graduated from Southern State spring semester began under the College Credit Plus Program. Twenty-eight of them were also 2018 high school graduates.

“When you talk about game changers, we definitely are one for the folks we serve in our region,” says J. R. Roush, Ed.D., Dean of Core Studies, Brown County Campus Director and College Credit Plus Director.

And he can say that because he has experienced firsthand the life-changing academic opportunities offered through Southern State from more than one perspective. Long before Roush a former K-12 teacher and principal – wore so many official Southern State hats, he was a student there. And his two children got head starts on their college careers at Southern State, too.

“Back in the day, I was here, starting my college career, taking education classes and biology classes before I went on to attend Morehead State,” Roush recalls. “I met some great folks who encouraged me and gave me the confidence to move forward. It gave me a chance to ask, ‘Is this for me?’”

Clearly, judging by Roush’s lengthy and successful career in education, it was.

And, by attending Southern State classes before heading off to their respective state colleges, Roush’s children – now both working in the biomedical field – saved the Roush family “a ton of money,” he notes. What parent wouldn’t be a fan of their child “finding themselves” at a cost of $4,400 per year versus $30,000?

“Beyond the financial benefit, both my kids went through a metamorphosis in the way they connected with different students, and they learned to study differently,” Roush notes. “Southern State provided them fantastic academic opportunities and support, and an introduction to college life and rigorous course content.”

It may seem hard to believe in today’s world, but there are still many students who can’t access a quality post-high school education due to lack of transportation or high-speed internet, Roush adds. Southern State with campuses in Brown, Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties, and land purchased for an Adams County Campus in West Union fulfills its main mission of providing high-quality and affordable post-secondary education in the region without students having to drive for hours.

While many students earn the first two years of a bachelor’s degree and then transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Ohio and beyond, Southern State also offers associate degree and certificate programs in the disciplines of agriculture, business, computer science, criminal justice, education, engineering, heath science and human and social services. Two of the newest programs added to the evolving curriculum are Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and Interactive Multimedia Web.

Overall, Southern State Community College allows students to rise above the circumstances they’re surrounded by and become more than they ever dreamed they could be, school officials note. It’s a close-knit, yet dynamic accredited community college, described by students, faculty and families as inviting, encouraging and warm.

“Southern State offers a unique personal connection,” Roush says. “We are high-quality, affordable and accessible, and we are committed to serving our communities by being those three things.”

The school was chartered in February 1975 as Southern State General and Technical College. That April, the University of Cincinnati’s Board of Trustees indicated its support of the college district which encompassed UC’s Tri-County Academic Center at Macon. The name of the college was officially changed to Southern State Community College in 1977. The current and fifth president of the college, Dr. Kevin S. Boys, began his term in January 2010. He was preceded by Dr. Sherry A. Stout (2007–2009), Dr. Lawrence N. Dukes (1995–2007), Dr. George McCormick (1989–1994) and Dr. Lewis Miller (1975–1988). 


Quick Facts about Southern State Community College

  • Nickname: Patriots
  • Mascot: Patrick
  • 2,500 students
  • Fully accredited with numerous transfer programs to a four-year college or university
  • Over 30 degree and certificate programs available
  • Never leave campus and continue in one of Southern State’s on-site bachelor’s/master’s degree programs
  • Day, evening, online and hybrid classes to fit everyone’s schedules


For more information on Southern State Community College, call 937.393.3431, email info@sscc.edu or visit www.sscc.edu.